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Years & Years - Starstruck

UK pop icon Olly Alexander is now representing Years & Years on his own, but this has no way taken away from the pure pop perfection that's being presented with 'Starstruck'.

The chorus is simple but effective, and the whole track has great positive energy and feels like its soaked in glitter which is exactly what we all need right now as we head towards a summer of (possibly) being free to get together and have fun. Alexander's vocals take a front seat as usual, but it's the nostalgic feeling club instrumentals that really lift the tracks to be the success it is.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Troye Sivan, Dua Lipa, Rina Sawayama

The New Twentys - I Can't Afford Her

'I Can't Afford Her' by The New Twentys is a pop-rock ode to a simple misunderstanding. In the words of the band themselves "This song is for everyone who can relate to a silly misunderstanding blowing up into a gigantic issue in a relationship, and made a thousand times worse by a lousy apology."

The song has the feel of somewhere between early 2000s pop-punk and modern-day indie-rock, yet simultaneously sounds like nothing you've really heard before. The song is uplifting and keeps you on your toes, with the occasional inclusion of trumpet instruments and a fun electric guitar towards the end of the song.

I Can't Afford You is a mesmerizing new release from The New Twentys, and once you listen, you won't be able to help yourself on pressing play again.

IF YOU LIKE: All Time Low, Wallows, Chase Atlantic

Dance Lessons - Just Chemistry

'Just Chemistry' is the third single from London-based female-fronted Dance Lessons.

Sultry smooth instrumentals combine with haunting vocals to discuss the over-complication of relationships, and how things can easily be misinterpreted. The song has a solid bassline which runs throughout to complement the echo-ey vocals.

Each element of the song is simple, but combined together they make a track that's incredibly difficult to stop listening to.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Phoebe Bridgers, early Lorde, beabadobee

Doja Cat ft SZA - Kiss Me More

It's the collaboration we didn't know we needed from Doja Cat and SZA. 'Kiss Me More' has a funky bet which pairs up with Doja Cat's signature light vocals and then intense borderline-rapping. SZA and Doja Cat's sounds work perfectly together and their voices especially complement each other, to make the song an incredibly smooth and satisfying listen.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Chloe X Halle, Kali Uchis, H.E.R.

LAILANA - Pixelated Soundwaves

Pixelated Soundwaves is the new cool pop track from London-based LAILANA. LAILANA herself says that "The song is about vicious cycles, specifically about someone who is stuck in a vicious cycle with drug abuse and how they can’t get out of the rabbit hole they’re stuck in. The song takes the listener on a journey that explains how a person stuck in the devastating grasp of drugs, initially sees what they describe as “the captivating beauty of drugs”, followed by the crash that they experience as a result of drug abuse.

'Pixelated Soundwaves' moves between full-bodied synth and stripped back guitars to create a comfortable listening experience, despite the difficult subject matter described within the lyrical content.

'Pixelated Soundwaves' is the perfect chilled pop to listen to whilst working or on an early morning on the surface, but also has an important message that is absolutely worth delving into if you're in the mood for something deeper.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Clairo, girl in red, chloe moriondo

Lachlan - Relay

'Relay' is the new indie-pop-rock single release from Lachlan. The infectious instrumentals travel through the song and give off the 'coming of age movie' feel that we all love getting from our favourite indie tracks. Towards the end of 'Relay', we hear a short but compelling guitar solo which adds something extra to the song.

You can tell that Lachlan has the special something which makes his music pop, and shows him as a very exciting prospect on the Scottish music scene.


Olivia O'Brien - Sociopath

If horror is your thing, then 'Sociopath' might just be the perfect song for you. 'Sociopath' delves into the cinematic to tell the story of a sociopathic ex, with a horror movie-style music video to match.

O'Brien knows the formula to make catchy pop songs, and 'Sociopath' is no exception with its moreish bass and harmony-heavy chorus.

IF YOU LIKE: Madison Beer, Selena Gomez, Charlotte Lawrence

Parker Matthews - What Happened to Us?

'What Happened To Us' is the new moody-pop release from up and comer Parker Matthews. The song has a retro-style music video to match the nostalgic sound of the track. 'What Happened to Us' showcases Matthews' vocals perfectly whilst simultaneously having addictive instrumentals which don't overpower but simply allow you to escape reality for a couple of minutes whilst listening to the song.

'What Happened To Us' fits perfectly into the current trends of pop music which makes it a playlist essential for any pop music fans.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Troye Sivan, Tove Lo

Majid Jordan - Waves of Blue

Waves of Blue is the new synth-heavy release from duo Majid Jordan. The 80s inspired track is the duos first release since 2019 and certainly doesn't disappoint. The dreamy blend of pop and R&B is a near-perfect introduction to a new era of music from Majid Jordan.

The song is described by the duo as “‘Waves of Blue’ is like staring at the ocean. You’re not in the water, but you’re still getting carried away by its currents...It’s the story of someone’s desire to love and be lost in that love.”

If this song is the standard set by Majid Jordan, then this bodes very well for the album that is going to follow it later this year.

IF YOU LIKE: The Weeknd, ZAYN, Jhene Aiko, Khalid


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