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Here are some songs that have either been released this week, or we've had sent through to us, that we've had on repeat this week.

Nick Jonas ft The Jonas Brothers - Selfish

Selfish is a track off Nick Jonas's latest album release 'Spaceman', on which Jonas features his brothers. Selfish is all about being so dedicated to someone that you want to be 'selfish with them'. Overall, Selfish is just a pretty damn good pop track. It has a nice beat, is catchy, and showcases Jonas's consistently impressive vocals that we know him for.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: The Jonas Brothers, ZAYN, Charlie Puth.

The Maine - Sticky

Indie pop-rock legends The Maine are back again with their first single since the release of the Orchestral version of their hit album 'You Are Ok'. the band has come back with 'Sticky', an ode to a lover being stuck in their head just like a song.

The track makes use of The Maine's classic upbeat pop-rock sound and O'Calllaghan's unique vocals, that we all know and love. The track doesn't stray far from anything The Maine has released before, but their formula works so well that why would they bother changing it?

Sticky is fun and addictive, and sets a good precedent for the inevitable album that will be coming.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: MayDay Parade, Panic At The Disco, lovelytheband

Sophia - Stay

'Stay' is the latest release from Sophia, an artist you should definitely be keeping an eye on in 2021.

'Stay' is a nice poppy song with a little edge, about going through a difficult period in a relationship but wanting them to 'Stay'. In her own words, Sophia says “the track describes a certain feeling, when you’re in a situation you never want to leave, you just want to forget everything else, lay all your feelings on the table and stay in that place forever.”

The vocals are incredibly impressive, and the slight distortion added to them adds for something a little different in the song. It sits somewhere between pop and electro, and finds the best part of both genres and embraces them

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Beach Bunny, Maisie Peters, Nina Nesbitt.

ENNY - Same Old

Although Same Old by ENNY may seem like a nice casual beat on the surface, it has a clear story to tell. 'Same Old' takes on very modern-day issues of the world we're living in now. London-based ENNY takes on concepts like Brexit, gentrification, and being fake and does it all on top of a subtle R&B beat.

ENNY is definitely one to watch this year, with some major publications already talking about her, so make sure you get to know who she is right now with 'Same Old'

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Jorja Smith, Ama Lou

Hayes & Y - The Times

With the voice of Bon Iver but the tunes of your favourite indie bands, The Times is a great recent release from Hayes & Y. It's upbeat and a bit of fun, with a really nice groovy beat and a scuzzy guitar riff that comes in throughout the track too.

Described by frontman Blagoslav Anastasov as being “very influenced by 2020. It paints a post-apocalyptic picture, a couple of people watching the end of the world", it's a great listen for if you're feeling a little down and out about the world.


Lukas Setto - About Time

'About Time' is a catchy chillwave song from Lukas Setto. The stand-out feature of 'About Time' are Setto's incredibly impressive vocals. The track is upbeat and motivational and makes you want to get up and dance, which is very impressive at a time when most people are releasing more down-beat tracks. The retro feeling track will have you ready for summer in no time.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Bruno Mars, Soul music

Building Prisons - Building Prisons EP

Something we've never had on an on repeat so far - a solely instrumental rock album!

Building Prisons are a four-piece band from the Republic of Ireland, and 'Building Prisons' is the self-titled EP from them which shows us how to appreciate the instrumentals that rock music brings us.This EP really gives you the chance to appreciate each instrument within the EP, something that gets lost when you add vocals on top.

From the intense and rapid drum beat to the guitars that echo throughout every track, Building Prisons is great if you want to listen to something while working or studying but want something different from the classic lofi hip hop beats.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Royal Blood, Russian Circles, and This Will Destroy You

Foley - Keep Me on My Toes

The duo from New Zealand Foley have released their latest EP, which opens up with disco-esque track 'Keep Me On My Toes'. This captivating track is all about trying to convince a lover to be more intriiguing and to keep the narrator 'on their toes'. It's an upbeat track with a retro beaut that will have you playing the track over and over.

The whole 'Vacation EP is full of mesmerizing grooves, blissful pop melodies, and infectious energy, meaning that it's a fun journey from start to finish, and Keep Me On My Toes acts as a great starting point.


Crash into Me - Callie Reiff and Madison Daniel

'Crash into Me' is the latest hit track from Callie Reiff, which features incredibly impressive vocals from Madison Daniel. The track is energetic yet meaningful and combines an indie-club sound with some heartfelt lyrics to create a near-perfect mix between the two.

'Crash Into Me' builds incredibly well from the start, with an addictive bassline throughout that leads to a bass drop in the chorus.

As described by Reiff herself " I wanted this song to make people feel strong. I want people to be able to dance to this one and feel really really good.” - and Crash Into Me certainly achieves this goal.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Sigala, Zedd, Cheat Codes


You can find all of these tracks, including many others we've had on repeat this month, on our 'on repeat: 'march 2021' playlist on Spotify.


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