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Busking For Misfits - Over The Edge

'Over The Edge' is the new release from Busking For Misfits, their first since their debut EP in 2019. The track starts off with an intense guitar intro, which then leads into the track filled with attitude and borderline spiteful lyrics. You can easily hear the influences from the great bands of the 80s with the audio interjection midway through the song which is followed by a lengthy and impressive guitar solo to close out the track.

Busking For Misfits have become more refined since their last release, and it'll be interesting to see what else they have coming up.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Muse, Royal Blood, Nickleback

Olivia Rodrigo - deja vu

'deja vu' is the latest track from Olivi Rodrigo. She had quite the debut single to live up to with 'drivers license', and although 'deja vu' is pretty different in sound to her debut, she hasn't disappointed. The track starts out as if it's going to be another ballad, but then transitions into a more upbeat and experimental chorus, with electro-guitar sounds and a thumping drum continuing throughout.

If you're mixing your fix of Lorde or pop-era Taylor Swift, then you should keep an eye out for Rodrigo's upcoming album as it's set to be a mix of the two combined.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Lorde, Taylor Swift

Alma Grace - Aventura

With its combination of both English and Spanish language lyrics, 'Aventura' is an exciting new single from Alma Grace. The seamless transition between the two languages is representative of the general seamlessness of the song. The acoustic guitar backing track is chilled out with a little edge added towards the chorus, and the vocals are sultry and blend well with the instrumentals and energy of the song.

At only 2:32 long, it's one of the shortest songs of our on repeat this week, but it certainly still packs a punch in that short timeframe.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Selena Gomez, Selena, Alessia Cara

Deva St John - Preacher

'Preacher' by Deva St John is three minutes of pure rock'n'roll. As if St John was transported here straight from the 70s, her latest single has a distinctly retro feel whilst still feeling new and exciting.

St John describes the track herself as “a fast-paced, high energy commentary on the people who run the 'free world’ - and how their methods may mirror the politics of religion”, and this theme definitely punches through the song with the low vocals that perfectly compliment the rock sound, and great level of attitude to go along with them.

If you're a fan of raucous rock'n'roll, then make sure to keep an eye on Deva St John.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Wolf Alice, P!nk


'Count on Me' is the brand new release from boyband with a difference BROCKHAMPTON. Count On Me is distinctively more lowkey than BROCKHAMPTON's previous releases, and also feels a little more polished. There's a level of funk to it which helps the track provide this more subdued sound.

It's the type of song you will undoubtedly have on repeat over the summer, along with BROCKHAMPTON's upcoming album release.

So, get ready to have your windows down as you blast 'Count on Me' with your best friends in the car.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Travis Scott, slowthai, Bruno Mars

Olivia Morreale - Parasomnia

'Parasomnia' can be described as a dreamy wonderland of gauzy synths, infectious bass, and layered vocals. Morreale's vintage-esque voice matches well with the slow and sultry electro-music it sits on top of. It's a combination you don't see often, but it works extraordinarily well.

Different parts of the instrumentals catch your ear throughout the track which makes it an incredibly interesting track to listen to.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Bea Miller, Billie Eilish

kiolo - all i need

If you need a song to add to a chilled beach playlist, then indie-pop duo kiolo's 'all i need' might just be the song for you. The track makes you feel like you're on vacation with its steady beat and relaxed instrumentals. The chilled nature is occasionally interrupted by an electric guitar that infiltrates on occasion, which adds a little more excitement to the song. The vocals fit the light nature of the song, as they're not too imposing whilst still the most present part of the track.

Don't let this description make you think the song is boring as it's absolutely not: 'all i need' is the perfect balance between relaxed and attention-grabbing.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Powfu, Lost Frequencies, Dayglow

CAPPA - Fatal

CAPPA’s signature combination of atmospheric production, alluring vocals, confident lyricism, and catchy hooks is on full display on "Fatal". The song is an ode to an up-and-down relationship that never really feels like it's in a stable and comfortable place, where both sides are partly to blame.

In her own words, CAPPA describes the track as "like a mini therapy session to channel these feelings into a song. I think ‘Fatal’ can be related to experiences we’ve all been through, whether in relationships or friendships.”

The production of 'Fatal' makes the song incredibly catchy and will have you addicted by the time the bridge comes along at the two-minute mark.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Carly Rae Jepsen Camilla Cabello, Lorde

Dayglow - Woah Man

Dayglow have released their new track 'Woah Man'. The unique vocals are matched with classic-sounding instrumentals. This song has the type of feel where you think you've been listening to the song forever, despite it in reality only being released. The acoustic guitar is piled with layers and layers of epic instrumentals that allow the song to build beautifully. You can imagine 'Woah Man' featuring in the latest big Coming of Age movie, and honestly, that's probably the simplest and best way to describe the song.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Wallows, Declan McKenna


Find all the songs from this post, as well as other releases from this week and from the whole of the month of March on our 'on repeat - march 2021' playlist.


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