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yarn. - Pretty Girls

'Pretty Girls' is the debut release from yarn., which, much like many songs released in the last year, was created remotely in basements.

Pretty Girls is the definition of chilled bedroom indie-pop. with a little edge. Calder's soulful vocals lift the track to another level, and with the introduction of some rock-infused guitars, we get something a little different from a lot of the bedroom pop being released. The track is an easy listen and is bound to get stuck in your head after listening to a couple of times.

The track is addictive and works incredibly well as an introduction to the band and their sound. We look forward to hearing their upcoming releases, as 'Pretty Girls' sets a very good standard.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Clairo, boy pablo, Beach Bunny

Lil Nas X - MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)

If you'd have told anyone two years ago that the guy who released 'Old Town Road' would be the most revolutionary male popstar we've seen for a long time then most people would have laughed. However, with his latest release that he's been teasing for months, Lil Nas X has become one to watch.

With one of the most ridiculously catchy choruses of the year which highlights the beauty of Lil Nas's deep vocals, 'MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)', and acoustic guitars mixed with thumping basslines, has become the song that everyone seems to be talking about on social media that nobody can get enough of.

The video is also a spectacular (and controversial) production that adds another level to the song. The single bodes really well for whatever Lil Nas X has lined up next. plus, there was a really sweet message that he penned to himself on Twitter about this song that's definitely worth a read.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: DaBaby, Doja Cat, Trevor Daniels

Olivia Swann - Two Faces

Produced by Will Patterson, ‘Two Faces’ is Swann's sophomore release which is all about a partner who Swann is fed up with listening to. Two Faces is a tongue-in-cheek, attitude-filled, indie-pop song that has that quintessential British quality to it that you might not understand until you listen to it yourself. Swanns vocals are incredibly impressive and mix well with the frame of mind of the lyrics - basically meaning that you can feel the sarcasm through your headphones.

It's blatant that Swann and Patterson had a lot of fun creating this song, which makes the song a really great listen as the feeling is infectious.

Two Faces acts as a great follow-up to her successful debut track 'Salty', and will no doubt follow in its footsteps to do well of its own accord.


Marlounsly - I Am

Marlounsly returns with an immaculate jam titled, "I Am.", which tells listeners to know their worth and not let a partner waste their tim.

If you've been following fashion and culture trends recently then you'll see that the early 2000s are coming back with a vengeance, and 'I Am' fits right into this with its immaculate early 2000s R&B and pop blend.

Marlonously's vocals are near-perfect over the captivating beat that'll have your head-bopping or foot-tapping from a few seconds in.

'I Am' is the perfect song for hanging out with the girls and having drinks in the sun, which hopefully we'll all be able to do this summer.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Normani, Ariana Grande,

Rag'n'Bone Man - Fall In Love Again

Rag'n'Bone Man's latest release 'Fall In Love Again' is more upbeat than we usually know him for, and yet the lyrics are perhaps more vulnerable than they've ever been.

His ever-beautiful vocals are incredibly well highlighted, pushing them towards their higher limits but in a way that's effortless and balances out the simplicity of the track behind them.

The tracks on his upcoming album Life By Misadventure were recorded almost like a live album, and this works really well for 'Fall in Love Again'. You can feel the hurt and emotion through the vocals, and the basic but striking piano allows this emotion to pull through.

It would have been easy to go too far, and too powerful, with this initial release, especially after the huge success of the big and blasting track 'Human', but this stripped-back sound works really well for the beginning of a new era.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Tom Walker, James Bay, Jacob Banks

The Roster - Masquerade

'Masquerade' is a semi-acoustic latest release from Derby-based band 'The Roster'. This was the first track the band created during lockdown, but you wouldn't know that from the quality and the way each part of the song syncs together so well.

Petty's unique vocals are the stand-out of the song, with their surprising range and emotion they push through. The guitar that then runs through the song melds into these vocals seamlessly to make a comfortable listen.

The simplicity of 'Masquerade' works perfectly with the energy the song gives off, and it's the perfect song to listen to while making breakfast on an easy Sunday morning.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Bastille, Of Monsters and Men, Kodaline

beabadoobee - Last Day on Earth

beabadoobee's latest release, co-written and co-produced by the 1975's Matty Healy tells the story of pre-lockdown bliss, also known as 'Last Day on Earth'.

beabadoobee takes dainty vocals and pairs them with 90s style instrumentals, for a song that feels like it could be straight out of a later 90s or early 2000s coming-of-age movie. You can easily see Healy's influence throughout the tracks, but still feels effortlessly beabadoobee. The chorus made entirely of a single phrase adds a level of carefree-ness to the song, and also acts as an earworm that you will not be able to get out of your head for the rest of the day.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: The 1975, mxmtoon, The Aces

Alfie Indra - Molehills

Molehills is the brutally honest track by Alfie Indra, which tells the story of the reality that pretty much all of us are experiencing right now. It focuses on the concept of anxiety and 'making mountains out of molehills'. The upbeat and chilled nature of the instrumentals acts as an oxymoron with the harsh lyrical content.

Indra perfectly encompasses this idea of anxiety without it being a heartbreaking ballad because that's not the reality of most people. you get on with your day, despite being worried about everything and 'taking pills', and 'Molehills' perfectly depicts this.

With an addictive beat and relatable lyrics, it's no surprise that Alfie Indra's 'Molehills' has been on repeat this week.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: easy life, Sam Fender, Declan McKenna

Royal Blood - Limbo

'Limbo' is the second single ahead of Royal Blood's upcoming album. Much like with the initial release Typhoons, we get a mix of 80s synth sounds and the classic modern Royal Blood hardcore rock. You may wonder how these combine so well, however with this track, Royal Blood have found a 'limbo' between the two.

The song is ambitious but perfectly pulled off, with its raucous guitar mixed in with addictive synth and topped off Mike Kerr's distinctive vocals.

It acts as another great piece in the puzzle that is their upcoming album, which is due to be released at the end of April. We, for one, can't wait.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Nothing But Thieves, Kasabian, Queens of the Stone Age


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