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RELEASES ON REPEAT THIS WEEK: 7 March to 14 March 2021

Cappa - Colder

'Colder' is the latest release from up-and-coming pop artist Cappa. 'Colder' is refreshing and something a little different from the pop in the charts right now. The baselines are reminiscent of 80s synth but Colder is well and truly current with its electro sounds and lyrics musing on wanting a lover back.

Although it's an easy listen, 'Colder' is very carefully constructed with an impressive level of production, and stellar vocals to add to the well-devised lyrics.

If you're looking for an easy to listen to pop song with that little bit of edge, then 'Colder' might be the song for you.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Maisie Peters, Zara Larsson

Cultures - Ghost

Greater Manchester-based Cultures new track 'Ghost' showcases the band's unique style of indie-pop perfectly, whilst also not being too much to handle.

Somewhere between indie pop and indie rock, 'Ghost' finds its home in addictive guitar playing, solid drum beats, and vocals that emphasise the emotion of the lyrics.

We once again see the 80s sounds that we're so used to hearing in indie music over the last few years, but it's put together in a way that it feels timeless rather than of a certain time or decade.

This smooth new release from Cultures certainly makes them one to watch over the next year, as they're picking up traction in Manchester which will no doubt spread across the rest of the country.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Cage The Elephant, Pale Waves, Wallows

ROSÉ - On The Ground

Blackpink's Rose has released her debut EP, R, this week which includes only two tracks, one of which is our on repeat for this week: 'On the Ground'.

On the Ground is catchy, and a little different tohe the tracks we're used to hearing Rose on with Blackpink. The songwriting is to a great standard and is well showcased by Rose's consistently good vocals. The song combines an acoustic guitar with more electro sounds with the chorus, and by the end of the first listen, you'll be itching for the next.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Blackpink, Selena Gomez, Hailee Steinfeld

Kestrel Palace - Get Up

'Get Up' is two and a half minutes of indie rock with an optimistic outlook that is rare to see from tracks released during the lockdown.

The specific guitars and raucous drums add to the energy of the song and help to uplift the positive message brought forward by the lyrical content.

Think about bringing Oasis into 2021, and you're pretty close to the energy 'Get Up' presents. So, if that might be something you're interested in, give Kestrel Palace's 'Get Up' a listen.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: 90s Brit Rock, Oasis

Saint Raymond - Soft Landing

Saint Raymond released his latest EP 'Soft Landing' this week, and with it came title track and EP opener 'Soft Landing' as a complete stand-out track.

A ballad to lost love, soft-landing is a moreish track full of emotion and vocals that seep right into your soul. With lyrics like 'I think about you more than I should' repeated throughout the song, it's difficult not to get lost in the song.

The simplicity of the drumbeat and delicate instrumentals on the top draw you in, and throughout the track, you get taken off guard by St Raymond demonstrating exactly the range and power his vocals have.

Although 'Soft Landing' is the stand-out track, the whole Soft Landing EP is a great listen if you have the chance.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Lewis Capaldi, Ed Sheeran, Calum Scott

Cloe Wilder - It's True

Cloe Wilder is an indie-pop singer-songwriter from Clearwater, Florida, and at just 15-years-old, Cloe has released her debut EP 'Teenage Lullabies', which opens up with the melodic 'It's True'.

The song, much like the others on the EP, tells about the trials and tribulations of being a teen via Wilder's soft-spoken but harmonious vocals, which are easily comparable to music industry force Billie Eilish. There's a unique instrumental track behind the vocals, which is both interesting to listen to because of its little quirks but is also smooth and clean so makes for an easy listen.

The 'Teenage Lullabies' EP in its entirety is well worth a listen and shows that Cloe Wilder is well on her way to stardom.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Billie Eilish, Alessia Cara, Melanie Martinez

BANNERS - If I Didn't Have You

Banners shot to fame last year after their addictive and optimistic track 'Someone To You' basically took over the internet. Here they are with their latest release 'If I Didn't have yOU' which channels the same addictive energy.

Banners have found a format to their music that just gets stuck in your head, and If I Didn't Have You is just that. The ode to a love so strong that you wouldn't know what you'd do if I didn't have you', with it's a consistent drum beat and guitar that adds just that magical something, sounds like it could be something straight from the end scene of a coming of age film. Ironically, the best part of this song is the last quarter of the song where the instrumentals really go into the point of being almost anthemic.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: COIN, lovelytheband, Kodaline

Cassyette - Dear Goth

'Dear Goth' takes Cassyette's unique sound to a new level. The verses are uncharacteristically subtle with just an acoustic and Casseyette's silvery vocals, however, in the pre-chorus and chorus is when things really ramp into hard rock. Then in the bridge, we get some vocals that can only be described as screamo.

The lyrics are tongue-in-cheek like the title. The first sound you hear is a voice recording stating 'Dear Goth, it's been 666 days since my last confession...', which tells you pretty much exactly where the lyrical content is going throughout: a juxtaposition between heavily Christian themes and the dark concept of metal music and the goth genre.

'Dear Goth' is a mix of everything the London-based singer can do and shows incredible versatility all within 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Wolf Alice, Kelsey Karter

Against the Current - weapon

'Weapon' is the latest release from pop-rock trio Against the Current, which tackles the topic of mental health struggles.

Constanza herself said about the song 'This song is about that battle and the victory I strive for but always seem to fall short of. We wrote it in a time of darkness that existed both in the world around us but also in my own head. This song is a triumph over that darkness.' which pretty much says everything you need to know about the lyrical themes of the song.

'Weapon' is heavier than Against the Current's previous releases, but lead vocalist Chrissy Constanza's vocals feel very at home with this heavier sound.

With the previous single released in 2020, this inevitably means that an album is on the way, which if it's anything like these singles, is set to be a hit.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Fall Out Boy, Paramore,


All of these songs, including other tracks that we've had on repeat during March, can be found on our 'on repeat: march' playlist on Spotify.


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