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28 February - 7 March 2021.

Ashe ft Finneas - Till Forever Falls Apart

As two of the top songwriters of the last year, it's no surprise that Ashe and Finneas's recent collaboration 'Til Forever Falls Apart' is a heartwrenching but catchy tune full of love. The epic instrumentals add to the emotion of the song, and the difference in their voices really adds to the whole production.

If you want a song that will simultaneously fill you with blind optimism and a little bit of sadness then Til Forever Falls Apart might be the song for you.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Harry Styles, Julia Michaels, Jeremy Zucker

Bruno Mars, Anderson.Paak and Silk Sonic - Leave The Door Open

Bruno Mars is back with the groovy retro-feeling track alongside Anderson.Paak and Silk Sonic 'Leave The Door Open'. The song features Mars's classic sultry sound and stunning vocals, but Anderson.Paak fits into the track like the perfect piece in the puzzle.

Really, this song just shows how much everyone had missed Mars's distinctive sound without even realising. You'll be nodding along before you know it.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Sexy 70s music, Versace on the Floor by Bruno Mars

YARLIE - Wreck

Wreck is Yarlie's debut single, but you wouldn't know that. The Swedish artist has launched her music career with an addictive synth-pop track, which also takes inspiration from electronic and R&B music. It's a unique and powerful song, which showcases Yarlie's impressive vocals and catchy yet complex lyrical content.

From this debut, it seems like Yarlie will has an incredibly successful music career ahead of her, so give her debut track a listen if you want to be an 'I was there when everything first started!' stan.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Billie Eilish, beach bunny.

LIV - Selfish

'Selfish' by LIV is a new R&B track, which features smooth vocals and a chilled-out melody. It's a track you can easily listen to as going about your day. There are some standout guitar riffs throughout, as well as some quirky sounds such as water dropping, which add a new layer to this song beyond just R&B. There's clearly some experimentation, but without going too far as to take away from the simple coolness of the song.

'Selfish' has massive replayability, and that's why it's been added to our on repeat for this week.


Maisie Peters - John Hughes Movie

John Hughes movie is the latest release from Maisie. The song describes a relationship as not being like the ones you see in the movies, with Peters' unique and delicate vocals telling the story. Much like the music via, the song has an 80s sense to it. Although the song itself, when you really listen to it, is a little bit depressing, the general production of it gives it a much more upbeat and fun feel to it.

Also, the video is incredibly entertaining and has a great twist to it, so definitely give that a watch if you can.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Olivia Rodrigo, Julia Michaels, Nina Nesbitt

i can't get high - Royal & The Serpent

'i can't get high' is the dark and twisted new single from Royal and the Serpent. The song sounds like it should be straight from a horror movie with its heavy and haunting sound, matched with incredibly distinctive vocals and the sense that you never know exactly what's going to happen in the next few seconds of it playing.

The gritty guitars bleed into the thumping basslines to build a sense of tension throughout the song, before presenting with an incredibly catchy chorus.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Maggie Lindemann, Halestorm, PVRIS

Mosiah Levi - Angel

Angel by Mosiah Levi was a track sent to our inbox that I'm so glad came through to us. Angel is a chilled dream-pop track infused with jazz and gospel that will reach the corners of your soul. The relaxed vibe of the song, with its acoustic guitar and soft vocals, it's an incredibly easy listen that you'll find yourself falling in love with very quickly.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Lewis Capaldi, EDEN

Wolf Alice - The Last Man on Earth

After their stunning and successful album Visions of a Life in 2017, it was about time for Wolf Alice to come back. They've come back with 'The Last Man on Earth' a lowkey piano ballad dripping with emotion and delicate vocals, which then builds in the latter of the song to become almost anthemic.

Guitar riffs and uplifting drums come in later, along with more powerful lead vocals, which we're more used to with Wolf Alice.

Overall, it's a great comeback track and I'm excited for the future releases we have coming in the near future.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Blossoms, Pale Waves, Sam Fender

Zara Larsson - Need Someone

Sweden's second entry on this list is Zara Larsson, who is firmly becoming a staple in pop music. Need Someone is a light-hearted pop song, with a funky beat and instrumentals that lift it to become an upbeat ode to feeling comfortable on your own.

Larsson's vocals have always been impressive, and this is once again shown in Need Someone. The track comes from her recent album release 'Poster Girl' which is an impressive and fun collection of songs, that would be great to check out if you heard something you liked with 'Need Someone'.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Ariana Grande, Mabel, Camila Cabello


You can find all these tracks on our 'on repeat: march 2021' playlist on Spotify, along with many other songs we just couldn't fit into this post.


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