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Lorde - Solar Power

Yes, it's finally happened, Lorde is BACK. Lorde has made her return with 'Solar Power', a track oozing with 70s summer vibes. With Lorde's track history of heartbreaking music, we expected her to come out of this pandemic with something that'll shatter listeners to pieces, but Lorde has instead presented us with a happy and cool song that feels just like a sunny evening. It's smooth and lowkey, and it'll have you well and truly excited to see what's coming next.

Ryan Harris - Sundays

'Sundays' is the latest release from Canadian filmaker and musician Ryan Harris. The vocals are lowkey and unique and are perfectly complemented by the simple production of the track generally. 'Sundays' is the epitome of 'chilled vibes' and, as the song suggests, is the perfect song for a lazy Sunday morning.

Diana Drill - Working on Me

Diana Drill's most recent release 'Working on Me' is all about self-empowerment and improvement. 'Working on Me' is more melodic than her previous, more freestyle-focused, releases, but this new style suits her very well. Although the song is short, it packs a punch in the just over 2 minute play time, with its solid and addictive bassline, and intense attitude.

BXB Love - Losers

If you're feeling like a misfit and looking for a song to boost you up, then 'Losers' might be the perfect song for you. The new single invites listeners to embrace all parts of themselves — the good, the bad, and the ugly — with acceptance, love, and compassion. The beat, as well as the lyrics, are incredibly catchy and will undoubtedly be stuck in your head after just one listen.

Doja Cat - Need To Know

Doja Cat's new release 'Need To Know' has the usual conviction you can find in Doja's songs, being placed on top of a futuristic beat. 'Need to Know' is the first new single from Doja since announcing her upcoming and hotly anticipated album 'Planet Her'. If this song is anything to go by, then Planet Her is sure to be a hit.

Kiara Chettri - Why

17-year-old Kiara Chettri's new release 'Why' truly shows off her talent. The emotionally filled vocals are the star of the show and work wonderfully on top of the simple piano instrumental. 'Why' focuses on concepts of loneliness and melancholy and will certainly tug at the heartstrings when you listen to it.

WIESE - Hear Me

His latest single 'Hear Me' is a bright pop, deep house tune exploding in colour and life. The track touches on the freedom post-lockdown the anticipation of being able to live life properly once again. swing.

WIESE himself says, “The song is telling a story about what lockdown has done to us as human beings, our ability to be close to each other and our need to explore things the way we used to.”

Waiting for Smith - As I Saw You Then

Waiting for Smith's latest single 'As I Saw You Then' is an ode to falling in love. The song features a dreamy electric guitar along with a simple rhythm. 'As I Saw you Then' is incredibly easy to listen, and is perfect for the type of playlist you want to listen to on a lazy summer afternoon.

Clairo - Blouse

Indie-pop sensation Clairo is back for the first time since 2019 with a lowkey and delicate single - 'Blouse'. Clairo's signature whispery vocals are met with a simple acoustic guitar backing track, which is enhanced by violins and other strings. These additional instrumentals don't overwhelm the song and allow for Clario's emotion-filled vocals and lyrics to really take center stage.


You can find all of these songs, as well as more of our favourite releases from June, on the 'on repeat - june 2021' playlist.


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