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This week's hottest releases as well as up-and-coming artists you should be listening to.

Madison Beer - Reckless

Madison Beer is back with another heartfelt ballad in the form of new single 'Reckless'. The song tells the tale of someone who treats love recklessly and moves on without looking back.

Beer's vocals are stellar as usual and partner well with the slow and melancholy instrumentals. This is one to add to the playlist you listen to when you're well and truly in your feels.

Ginesse - Gatorade

'Gatorade' is a new track from Ginesse, which feels somewhere between indie and electronic. The beat and its intense bassline are incredibly catchy and the crystal clear vocals match well with the dream-like energy of the song.

When describing the song, Ginesse says “For some reason, mercury going into retrograde has always put me in a very nostalgic place. It’s a love letter to those I shared time with where the doors have remained open without resolution and without a clear understanding of why.”

Hemes - Breathe

'Breathe' is the first single from Hemes debut EP ‘Matters of the Mind’, which is set to be released later this year. 'Breathe' acts as a commentary on anxiety, and striving for that feeling of calm and reassurance which is found in a specific person.

Hemes herself states “I wanted the track to feel relatable, so that people can think of whoever makes them feel better, whether it's a family member, a lover or a friend”

The layers of production on both the vocals and instrumentals give the song a hazy feel, which works very well with the lyrical content.


'Lotto', the latest single from trap/hip-hop artist PR1NCEMUSIC really is a song you'll struggle not to hit replay on. With its deep and dark energy, and an incredibly catchy chorus, as well as boasting some intense bars, there's little to be disliked about 'Lotto'.

On the track, PR1NCEMUSIC says: "Lotto is like drifting into a vivid dream, creating a world that you never want to wake up from. It's filled with adrenaline and energy and takes you on a journey enduring the highs and lows of a rollercoaster."

Madison Dever - Tongue Tied (EP)

Madison Deaver’s freshman EP ‘Tongue Tied’ was released this week and it's difficult to choose one particular song to feature, so we're featuring the whole EP.

The EP fits well into the pop-punk genre, with its strong vocals and gritty guitars. Every song feels individual yet consistent with the tone of the project as a whole. There's a whole lot of energy and fun, as well as songs like 'Villain' which show a slower and sadder side to Deaver's music.

If you love people like Hayley Williams, or specifically, Brutal and Good 4 U on Olivia Rodrigo's most recent release, then Madison Deaver's 'Tongue Tied' is definitely one for you to listen to.

Nightshifts - Rest

If dreamy synth-pop is your thing, then 'Rest' by Nightshifts, aka Toronto-based Andrew Oliver is one to be added to your playlist.

The muffling of some of the layers of instruments adds to the haze-like feel of the song, and allows the echo-y vocals to really take the stage until the 2 minutes 30 mark when we see an atmospheric guitar solo close out the track. If you want to be transformed to a dream-like state, then Rest works wonders.

Kae Sera - Dames Jean .

'Dames Jean' is a 50’s inspired lyrical love letter from up-and-coming artist Kae Sr that showcases dulcet vocals blended against the backdrop of an atmospheric electronic pop ensemble.

The track turns back the clock on lost love, whilst subtly questioning the gender and sexuality of its protagonist.

The AV Club - Better Days

The AV Club are now back a coming of age anthem: ‘Better Days’. The uplifting and optimistic nature of the song is welcomed after the year we've had and sets the perfect tone for the summer ahead. Its energetic, fun, and full of the 80s-style synth sounds we can find a lot of in the indie music world right now, so what's not to love?

The AV Club are bound to become a band on the rise if they keep releasing bangers like this one.

Billie Eilish - Lost Cause

Billie Eilish this week released Lost Cause, the second single from her upcoming album Happier Than Ever. With 'Lost Cause' we see a higher tempo, more upbeat track than what we're used to from Eilish, but it gets partnered with her typical soft-spoken vocals.

The song shows variety from her previous release, and helps continue to hype up her upcoming sophomore album release.


You can find all of these songs, as well as a variety of other releases from this week, on the 'on repeat - june 2021' playlist.


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