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Bleachers - Stop Making This Hurt

Jack Antonoff, aka Bleachers, is back with a brand new single 'Stop Making This Hurt'. After his busy year stuck in Taylor Swift's basement, it's good to see Bleachers back with some music of their own. 'Stop Making This Hurt' is filled with layers of different instrumentals which piece together to make the classic groove and retro sound you typically get from music from Bleachers.

A Beck - You Coming Back?

'You Coming Back?' is the latest single from Orlando-based pop artist A Beck. You Coming Back?' takes clear inspiration from artists like Post Malone who sit somewhere between pop, rap, and R&B. With it's thumping bass and addictive production, 'You Coming back?' is sure to be a song that you'll want to listen to again and again.

YNDLING - Cotton Candy Skies

YNDLING's latest release 'Cotton Candy Skies' is a song dedicated to shaking yourself out of a funk after a difficult time. With a soothing synth instrumental combined with a groovy bassline and delicate vocals, 'Cotton Candy Skies' will have you daydreaming after just a few seconds of listening.

In her own words regarding the inspiration for the song, YNDLING says ' “The idea for the song came as I was walking home one evening and the sky was really brilliant with pink clouds all over.", and you absolutely get the energy of that scene when listening to 'Cotton Candy Skies'

BTS - Butter

'Butter' is the brand-new track from K-POP sensation BTS. The song oozes with confidence as the main focus of the lyrics is the band being "smooth like butter". This English-language single from the band has 'vying for song of the summer' all over it with its relatively simplistic chorus and addictive chorus.

The song has already managed to become the biggest debut in Spotify history with 11 million global streams on the first day of its release, so its sure to be an upcoming hit.

Johnny Ashby - Wild

'Wild' is the emotion-filled latest release from British singer/songwriter Johnny Ashby. Ashby's vocals are the star of this track, as they linger hauntingly over the slow and sombre instrumentals. Despite being a seemingly sad and low-key song, it still feels full of warmth, especially as it builds to a far more upbeat and anthemic second half of the song.

In his own words, Ashby states “...Every time I’ve travelled to a new place I’ve noticed how it’s changed me and pushed me to grow spiritually in some way. When I write “Follow me into the wild” it’s like I’m back home after that adventure and I’m saying “Now what?”. That feeling after an adventure when you just want to go back out and find another one!”

Paragon Cause - Think I'm Going Crazy Over You

'Think I'm Going Crazy Over You' is the latest release electro-rock from Canada-based Paragon Cause.

'Think I'm Going Crazy Over You' actually has three versions to it, but the one we're recommending is the Jupiter Mix, with its pulsing beat and atmospheric dance feel. The band decided to make three versions of the song to show "to show how an individual can view one single situation from different perspectives, depending on the day, their feelings, or their point of view"

Anna Thompson ft Fluencie - Godzilla

Godzilla is the new dance-infused pop release from Anna Thompson ft Fluencie. The song has a thumping bassline, and the production on the vocals adds a futuristic feel to the song, which fits well with the way the song is based on a character straight out of sci-fi. Although Godzilla is a short song, it certainly packs a punch within those 2 minutes and 36 seconds.

Niall Horan and Anne Marie - Our Song

The hotly anticipated collab from Niall Horan and Anne Marie is finally here, and it certainly lives up to all the hype built. The song tells the story of being alone, but hearing a song that reminds you of an old partner and all the memories that come back with it. Our Song is another song perfectly designed for song of the summer (if we ever get one here in the UK). With its catchy choruses and subtle verses, its difficult not to just keep pressing replay on this one.

Japanese Breakfast - Savage Good Boy

Savage Good Boy is the most recent single from Japanese Breakfast's upcoming album 'Jubilee'. The song is told from the point of view of a wealthy man trying to convince a woman to stay with him, and who doesn't love a song with a fictional story to it? If the storytelling doesn't immediately convince you, then maybe the fact the song plays around with instrumentals a lot, from a groovy bass throughout to sounds in the intro of the song that feels like they're straight from an old game of pacman.

Savage Good Boy is guaranteed to be a song that you've never heard before.


You can find all of these songs, as well as plenty of other awesome releases from May 2021 in our 'on repeat - may 2021' playlist on Spotify.


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