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Griff - One Foot in Front of The Other

2021 Rising Star winner at the BRIT Awards Griff is back with a new release 'One Foot In Front of The Other'. This is the latest single from the artists upcoming project which is being hotly anticipated. Typical of Griff, 'One Foot in Front of the Other' features simple but catchy beats, with just enough production to make listening interesting. The song was both written and produced by Griff, which is a pretty impressive feat, and really shows off the skills that Griff has.

Badmind - Flaws and Phases

'Flaws and Phases; is the latest release from Newcastle-based Lofi R&B/pop duo Badmind. The beat is chilled and Leadbitter's vocals are full of soul, the combination of which makes for a really easy listen. If you're looking for a song to add to an easy Sunday playlist, then this might be one for you.

ilonalowe - Someday

'Someday' is the latest fascinating and mystical release from upcoming folk artist ilonalowe. The track combines simple acoustic verses with choruses that border on the anthemic, to make 'Someday' an addicting listen. The layers of vocals seep into your soul and transport you to what feels like a different world. If you're a fan of Phoebe Bridgers or Laura Marling, then ilonalowe is definitely worth a listen.

Bad Bunny ft Luar La L - 100 MILLIONES

Bad Bunny is back with a surprise new track, '100 MILLIONES', featuring fellow Peurto Rican rapper Luar La L. The Spanish-language song features a heavy trap beat that feels closer to Bad Bunny's releases previous to his most recent album 'El Último Tour Del Mundo'. Perhaps this reflects the direction Bad Bunny will be going in going forward, as he's supposedly releasing more music very soon.

Soleil - Noise

Soleil is back with brand new, darker than ever, single 'Noise'. 'Noise' puts Soleil's emotion-filled vocals and storytelling to the forefront, and really shows off what she can do. The track, according to Soleil herself, is based on her own experience of being a bystander to a crime, which she then went on to shape 'Noise' around.

This song will have you gripped from beginning to end.

Reilly James - Bring Me Down

'Bring Me Down' is the new positive message track from Reilly James, UK-based singer, producer, and DJ. 'Bring Me Down' is a relaxed combination of indie, pop, and electronic sounds, along with James' echoey vocals. It fits very well into the British music scene as we approach summer with its warm and carefree energy. Although the track is short, it showcases James abilities incredibly well in the 2 minutes 21 seconds it runs for

daysormay - Ego

Canadian trio daysormay have just dropped their new single 'Ego.'. This latest track experiments with synth-based instrumentals, heavy production on vocals, and intelligent lyrics. 'Ego' feels like it changes as you listen to it further and further along, which makes listening to it a full-blown experience. To be honest, there's little that can be said to explain this one, you really do just need to listen to it yourself to understand the feel of 'Ego'.

Victoria Justice - Too F*ckin Nice

Victoria Justice is officially launching her music career, and she's done it in style with a catchy pure-pop track about being 'Too F*ckin nice' to be honest with a partner. The production is filled with layers built to make a song that's perfect when driving with the top down on a summer evening. It's not the most complex of songs, but it is a little unexpected and fun, which is a great way to reintroduce people to your music.

Tom Odell - lose you again

It seems like Tom Odell is riding the high of his hit song 'Another Long' taking over TikTok recently, and has decided to release a brand new EP 'lose you again' to hit us all in the heartstrings. The title track of the EP takes the classic brutal vocals and lyrics with the piano backing them, but also adds a more upbeat nature to it - but don't let this fool you, the song will still break your heart if you listen to it too closely.


You can find all these songs, as well as all the songs we've had on repeat in May, on our 'on repeat - may 2021' playlist.


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