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Bailey Baum - Over it

If there's an underrated artist you should be listening to this week, it's Bailey Baum. Her brand new EP is a hit for anyone who loves electro-pop music, and we're using the title track 'Over It' to represent it in this week's 'on repeat'. Over the 5 tracks, Baum conveys a huge range of emotions which tell the story of frustration and heartbreak, all over the top of addictive melodies.

On the EP, Baum says, “I want the EP to help people feel empowered to get ‘over it,’ while also acknowledging how important it is to let yourself feel everything deeply"

Billie Eilish - Happier Than Ever

Billie Eilish released her sophomore album this week, and along with it came title track that everyone is talking about 'Happier Than Ever'. 'Happier Than Ever' starts in the classic Eilish way, with melancholy tones and low minimalistic vocals. However, what makes 'Happier Than Ever' is the way it builds into something Eilish hasn't taken on before - electric guitar-filled rock music. Seriously, if you haven't listened to this song, make sure you do - it might just blow your mind.

Cade Hoppe - Click Boom Run

Cade Hoppe's has released a brand new song 'Click Boom Run'.

In Hoppe's own words, this song is "a song about losing someone before you ever really had them. You can fall deeper in love than you ever have before, but none of that matters if they don’t ever love you back."

The song features a thumping beat surrounded by smooth vocals, and builds towards the end of the track with its cinematic production.

Silk Sonic - Skate

Silk Sonic are finally back with another track, and once again they have knocked it out of the park. 'Skate' is a groovy and fun filled track that feels like its bringing the 70s right in to 2021. The song is catchy and a great upbeat follow up to the hit that was 'Leave The Door Open' from the duo.

Miles Wesley ft Jutes - Medicine

'Medicine' is the latest release from hip-hop infused pop artist Miles Wesley, alongside Jutes. The song tells the story of a toxic relationship. The vocals are at the forefront of the track with a simle backing track making sure to highlight them.

The music video for the track will be dropping next week, so make sure to keep an eye out for it.

Banners - They All Are

BANNERS have released their brand new song 'They All Are' which is more lowkey than the songs you may know them for. The song has an almost older Coldplay feel to it (in the best way) with its anthemic style choruses and slower verses that build to them.

If you're looking for a song to get you in that feel good mood, then 'They All Are'.

Deanna Devore ft D.Lylez - Need To Know

Female producer and multi-instrumentalist Deanna Devore, has dropped her latest song featuring D.Lylez who featured on The Voice series 18 'Need To Know'. The song is a silky R&B easy listen with a smooth melody that'll infuse in to your soul and leave you relaxed after one listen, which will make you want to listen over and over.

Taxi Rank - A Piece Of You

It wouldn't be an on-repeat without an upbeat song from a UK based indie rock band, and this week's spot is taken by Swansea's Taxi Rank. Their latest release 'A Piece of You' is the perfect summer hit with its guitars at the forefront, incredibly catchy chorus, and subtle synth sounds running throughout the track.

On the meaning, the band explain, "The song's general theme is all about trying to relax and avoid taking my own issues out on other people, trying out a blank canvas and looking for inspiration from other people on how they do it."

Matilda Mann - February

London-based singer-songwriter Matilda Mann has released her latest single 'February' from her upcoming project. The song showcases Mann's unqiue vocals and heavenly harmonies that'll hit that part of your mind just right. At it's heart, February appears to be a simple song, but the way the vocals are layered and the general production of the song are working heard to make it seem this way. If you're looking for a song to add to sad/lowkey playlist, then 'February' might just be for you.


You can find all of these songs, as well as other songs we've had on repeat this week on the 'on repeat - august 2021' playlist.


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