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Dave ft Stormzy - Clash

The two heavyweights of the UK rap and grime scene Dave and Stormzy have teamed up for brand new single 'Clash'. It's no suprise that a song with these two on it is a hit, and with its thumping bass-beat and catchy flow, 'Clash' is definitely that. The song oozes cool with its relevant references and general vibe, and as a first single from Dave's upcoming album, it certainly does the job of building the hype.

Pip Millett - Hard Life

'Hard Life' is the brand new R&B track from Pip Millett. The track also features influences from gospel and soul. 'Hard Life' also showcases Millett's impressive ability for storytelling, with her emotion-filled lyrics.

In her own words, Millet says "Hard Life is about exactly that. It’s about moving through unresolved trauma and understanding that ignoring those things doesn’t mean they go away. It takes learning and listening to yourself and lots of patience.”

Gordon Taggart - Footsteps

'Footsteps' by Gordon Taggart is the retro influnced trak that you'll be wanting to add to your summer playlist. Although taking inspiratio from the sounds of the 60s and 70s, 'Footsteps' still feels incredibly modern, and fits in well with the British indie-pop genre. The guitar in the instrumental is incredibly moreish, and with catchy lyrics too, 'Footsteps' is a definite hit.

LELO - Faceache

This week LELO has released their electro-infused tune 'Faceache'.

The subtle instrumentals and echoy vocals really emphasie the anxiety that can be found in the lyrical content of the song

Frontman Ronan Peaker explains, Frontman of the band, Ronan Peaker, explains "I wrote it whilst living somewhere I really didn’t want to be. That situation really made me analyse who I was, and thinking about it, I probably beat myself up a bit too much about things that really didn’t matter. But that was so cathartic at the time, and I believe a lot of people will share those feelings that come with late-night overthinking."

Nina Nesbitt - Summer Fling

Scottish singer-songwriter sensation Nina Nesbitt is back with her brand new single 'Summer Fling'. Summer Fling is an 80s style synth-infused pop track, which, unsurprisingly, discusses the love of a summer fling. The song feels warm and relaxed, which encompasses the feeling of summer well.

The song also has an incredibly impressive and 'aesthetic'-filled video to accompany it, which is well worth a watch.

Haviah Mighty - Avocado

Haviah Mighty has teamed up with Grandtheft for her latest single release 'Avocado'. The song has a great beat to it, with the combination of rapping and singing making it an interesting listen. The vocals are very distinctive and match the razor-sharp feel of the instruemntals incredibly well.

The message behind the song is ultimately self-confidence, regarding which Haviah says “Finding that true inner confidence has come with a lot of introspection over the past year. Unlike before when I appeared confident on the outside but had many insecurities, I feel my confidence is now much more rooted to my internal core.”

Tommy Newport - Vanilla & Light

'Vanilla & Light' is the new sugary sweet single from up-and-comer Tommy Newport. Like many songs that have been released since the pandemic began, Vanilla & Light is a song all about a person who is struggling with their mental health and perception of themselves to the outer world.

Discussing the track, Newport says: "I think a lot of people, including myself, spend a lot of time in their own heads questioning and doubting themselves and I believe the lyrics in this song portray one's mental observations who may be struggling with their identity and ego, and are reaching out for a light to shine on them to prove themselves in a way.”

The Islas - The Absence of You

Norwhich four-peice The Islas new song 'The Absence of You' is yet another song that you'll want to be jamming to this summer. The song oozes the feel of festivals, summertime and driving with the top down. The classic indie-pop-rock riffs will etch themselves in your brain, leaving you wanting to hit repeat on this great track.

Peter Wise - Neutral

Peter Wise's new track 'neutral' takes its influence from film 'The Spectacular Now', and discusses the idea of a new person pulling you out of a rut, or 'out of neutral'. The song has a groove to it, created by the catchy beat and electro aspects of the instrumentals. The experimentation with the echo of the vocals work really well, and gives 'Neutral' a great feel to it.


You can find all of these songs, as well as other tracks we've been loving in July, on on 'on repeat - july 2021' playlist.


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