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Khalid - New Normal

New Normal is the new track from non-traditional R&B superstar Khalid. 'new Normal' is more mellow than we're used to from Khalid, but this new mellow sounds, allow his impressive vocals to take center stage. Khalid's vocals have a soothing tone to them, which is emphasised a hundred times by the angelic harmonies that feature in the background in the latter half of the track, which makes 'New Normal' a very relaxing listen; the type of song you'll want to add to your chill Sunday playlist.

Ebhoni ft BEAM - Come Over

'Come Over' is the latest single release from Ebhoni's new EP. This R&B infused track has a moreish beat that runs through not just this track, but several on the project as a whole. However, the beat isn't the only interesting part of the instrumentals, as its production allows an epic build over the chorus as well as clever vocal effects that add to the ambience of the track. BEAM's feature also fits incredibly well with the flow of the song as a whole.

Ebhoni is trying to represent women in the Toronto R&B scene, and she's doing a damn good job doing so.

The Wild Type - Easy

The Wild Type have released their new EP 'Thank You Stranger', which features the song we've featured this week 'Easy'. 'Easy' is filled with calm and, well, ease, as it fades from verse to chorus and back again. The song takes influence from the synths of the 80s, or rather songs from the alst couple of years that sound like the 80s, and builds it very well to build a brilliant ambiance. The echoey vocals add to the atmosphere of the track, which will take you to another world for just under 5 minutes it plays for.

Myles Lloyd - Counting Days

Myles Lloyd is back with a new single 'Counting Days'. The track is filled with a solid bass, and presents a sound that's mixed somewhere between R&B and electronic. The silky smooth vocals and the production behind them lifts 'Counting Days' to a new level and bring the energy of the song to where it needs to be. The track offers melancholy lyrics on top of euphoric beats to present a song you'll struggle not to listen to again and again.

KiNG MALA - Mercy

KiNG MALA has release her powerful new single 'Mercy'. If you like Billie Eilish's album 'WHEN WE FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?' then Mrcy is sure to be a hit for you. The song takes on a very intense subject matter of the good and bad of being a human, which is a very personal topic for KiNG MALA. On the latest single, she said,

“I have said things I will regret forever and every day I search for the good within me and search for the proof that those things are not who I really am. Sometimes all you can do is forgive yourself and look for the good... that's what this song means to me.”

Marlow - Blame It

MARLOW are back with their latest single 'Blame It' which narrates the lack of communication in relationships and how people try to avoid responsibility for their issues by shifting the blame onto others and coming up with excuses.

This indie-pop track is infused with all the sounds that are typical of the British indie scene and are great to listen to in the summer.

In reference to the song, the band say “I guess you could say the track has a sort of feel-good melancholy and embraces a juxtaposition of emotions and feelings… We really enjoy instilling a sensation of nostalgia.”

Alex Fasso - Northside

Alex Fasso's 'Northside' is a track all about living in a suburb where everyone wants to be different but simultaneously looks the same. This lo-fi track will have you reminiscing a place you've never been to, and a suburb you've never experience, with the brilliant storytelling and atmosphere put into the track. The track features audio from famous movies, and a hypnotising beat that'll reach deep into your brain.

On the track, Fasso said, "I create music because I want to express my voice to the world. In an age where we can think of an idea or thought, put it on the internet and have billions of potential viewers interacting with so many different things, I want to be apart of that. I want to share my stories and ideas to the world."

Lorde - Stoned At The Nail Salon

After Lorde's lead single from her album of the same name Solar Power, fans expected a happy and more upbeat release from her, but the new single 'Stoned At The Nail Salon' has turned this on its head. If you're a 20 something in the middle of a quarter-life crisis, then 'Stoned At The Nail Salon' might be the perfect track, or the worst, depending on how you're feeling. The track muses on getting older and life changing slowly but surely, to the classic melancholic tone we're used to with yours. It's a significant 180 from 'Solar Power', but leaves everyone wondering what exactly the upcoming album is going to sound like.


The man that everyone's talking about in the music industry right now Lil Nas X has released his brand new song 'Industry Baby' featuring Jack Harlow. Much like every other one of his songs, Industry Baby has one hell of a video to match it, which was introduced in the midst of Lil Nas X's court case with Nike. 'Industry Baby' is catchy as hell and features Lil Nas X's typical combination of heavily produced singing and rapping. Say what you want about the rapper, he can make a hit.


You can find all of these songs, as well as all the songs we've had on repeat in July on our 'on repeat - july 2021' playlist.


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