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RELEASES ON REPEAT: 11 July - 18 July 2021

Normani ft Cardi B - Wild Side

One of the most hotly anticipated returns of the year, Normani is finlaly back releasing new music, this time featuring Cardi B. With the success of her debut solo song 'Motivation', it's no surprise that Wild Side follows on with a similar retro R&B feel. Cardi B's feature slots smoothly into the song, neither adding to nor taking away from the silky and sultry track.

Conan Gray - People Watching

People watching is the new emotional ballad from Conan Gray, which focuses on the idea of wanting to be in love but right now just watching other people experience it. People Watching is based in a melancholy piano, but builds when you hit the height of emotion on the chorus. With Gray's classic unique vocals and ome heartbreking storytelling, you can't exactly go wrong.

Jess Fitz - Back In Town

Jess Fitz's 'Back In Town' is a bold comeback tune that drips with sass, sex, and confidence. The song features sensual vocals and a bassline that adds depth and funk.

When talking about the track, Fitz says, "It’s been a long time since I released music and Back In Town is the perfect comeback - it’s sassy and sexy and is an indication of where I’m going next with my sound."

Miles Wesley - Golden

If you like artists like Post Malone, or any other kind of rap-pop, then Miles Wesley's new track 'Golden' might be one for you to check out. 'Golden' is full of bass, addictive vocal contortion and a melody that'll stick in your head for days. Having already had a great 2020, it looks set that Welsey is going to have abigger 2021, and 'Golden' acts as part of that rise.

Gianni Mae - Love Me Long

Gianni Mae's 'Love Me Long' is filled with the energy of summer, with an addictive rhythm and dancehall influences. Mae's mesmerising vocals discuss the topic of self-love, in the context of the up and downs of a relationship. 'Love Me long' shows even more diversity from Mae, and sets a good precedent for her upcoming album release.

Lhēon - I Hate The Way I Love You

Singer & songwriter Lhēon has released new song 'I Hate the Way I Love You' back in May, but since discovering it this week, it's been a pretty regular listen for us. Lhēon's vocals act as the complete stand-out element of this track, as they always have done in her previous releases.

Lhēon had this to say about the track: ' IHTWTILY, written by Lee Bradshaw is about the conflicting feelings of knowing someone is bad for you but still being unable to let go.'

Alessia Cara - Sweet Dream

Alessia Cara's new single 'Sweet Dream' is as sickly sweet as the title suggested. The poppy track has a moreish bass beat which will hav you nodding your head in no time. Harmonies run through Sweet Dreams, along with electro-infused instrumentals, all of which give the song an edge from other pop songs being released at the moment.

Waiting For Smith - Hopelessness of Love

Waiting for smith has released his latest project the 'Hopelessness of Love' EP, which contains songs each inspired by different senses. It's the title track from this EP that we've had on repeat, with it's folky feel and warmth that clings to you. Waiting For Smith's vocals add to the serene energy of the song, as they flow over the gentle instrumentals.

Although it's the title track we've had on repeat, the entire EP is absolutely worth a listen.

Taxi With Strangers - Voelas

Taxi With Strangers's 'Veola' is an indie-pop-rock track that we've been loving this week. With the classic sounds of the genre being produced in a way that makes the band sound like something new, 'Veola' is definitely a song to add to the 'coming of age' style playlists. The guitar riffs are catchy and vocals match perfectly with the sound of the track.

Jake Bellamy, guitarist, said about the track: "For me, the lyrics of this song remind me of that time with my girlfriend in Liverpool; going on nights out together, going to gigs, exploring the city, even just staying in the flat all day doing nothing. I feel like the vibes of this track has, makes it a song for summer.”


You can find all of these things, as well as other song's we've had on repeat throughout July, on the 'on repeat - july 2021' playlist.


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