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Maisie Peters - Psycho

Maisie Peters, the new signing to Ed Sheeran's Gingerbread Man Records, has released her highly anticipated second single from her upcoming album; 'Psycho'.

'Psycho' is an upbeat song with a twisted edge, that'll leave you wanting more with every listen. The song takes the same 80s cinematic influence that can be found in previous release 'John Hughes Movie'.

Maisie Peters is one you should absolutely be watching, and more importantly, listening to.

Lily Forte - Losing the Illusion

'Losing the Illusion' is the latest release from 19-year-old Lily Forte. 'Losing the Illusion' feels inspired by mega-stars of melancholy indie-pop Lorde and Lana Del Rey, but with its own individual sound to it. With vocals full of soul and drawls, and heartfelt drumbeat in the chorus, the track feels like its straight from the soundtrack of an indie coming-of-age movie.

Mason Rose Gray - SURVIVE

Mason Rose Gray is feeling empowered on her new track 'SURVIVE'. The song takes on the idea of recovering and feeling powerful after a difficult break up.

The track presents pain and tenderness wonderfully, with moving emotion-filled vocals at the forefront on top of a relaxing and mellow acoustic guitar.

Luke Hemmings - Starting Line

5 Seconds of Summer's Luke Hemmings has officially made his solo debut with his new release 'Starting Line', alongside which came a promise of new album When Facing The Things We Turn Away From on August 13 2021.

Starting Line gives us a glimpse of what to expect from Hemmings, with its indie-pop production and deep-rooted and honest lyrics. It takes a step away from what we're used to with the band, and really shows Hemmings own musical prowess.

Annie Elise ft Josiah Soren - We Can Pretend

'We Can Pretend' is the second single from Annie Elise, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. 'We Can Pretend' is a light and whimsical indie-pop song, based on a solid beat. However, it's not just the sparkling production that takes the front-seat in the song, the vocals are also equally as impressive. At 2 minutes long, it is by no means an extensive release, but it packs a punch in the short playtime.

Big Red Machine ft Taylor Swift - Renegade

The combination of Aaron Dessner, Justin Vernon and Taylor Swift seems to be the gift that just keeps on giving. First folklore, then evermore and now, once again, with Big Red Machine's new single Renegade. The song discusses the concept of it being often difficult to love someone with mental health issues, an idea that Swift has focused on in several songs on her recent releases. The production is interesting, and the lyrical content is heartbreaking, what not to like?

Jaykae ft Jorja Smith - 1000 Nights

Jaykae has released a dope new track with British R&B sensation Jorja Smith. 1000 Nights explores themes of crime, family and loss with sensitive authenticity, via a combination of both rap and R&B

Jaykae says "The track was written and recorded with me and Jorja in the studio together, not sending across vocal takes between studios and I think you can hear that - there’s a different energy about it. It’s got that classic garage sound but the storyline is so relevant to today.”

Weller - Shards

Shards is the new track from Surrey born and raised band Weller. The song begins with a classic indie style acoustic guitar and melody, but develops into a far rockier song than you might expect.

Shards feels reminiscent of the emo pop-punk that many of us grew up with, with its grizzly guitar, intense drums and dark lyrics. It'll have you remembering a bygone era of music, which in turns makes it a pretty addictive listen.

Raeya - Just Wanna Say

Raeya has released new track 'Just Wanna Say', which is a bass-filled ballad remisicing on life. Raeya's vocals really shine throughout the track

On the track, Raeya said, "I wrote this song after going through a series of painful events over a span of several years and it felt like the pain and hard times would never end. I had a moment of deep hope that things wouldn't always be so challenging and that there was a deeper resilience being forged inside of me - a moment where I could feel the reality that good things would lie ahead."


You can find all of these songs, and many more, on our 'on repeat - july 2021' playlist.


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