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Justified - Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves is back with a brand new track 'Justified'. The track takes Musgraves signature soft-spoken vocals and lowkey instrumentals, but the lyrical content takes a much more negative turn than we're used to. The song tells the listener that Kacey Musgraves feels after her recent divorce, and she's certainly hot holding back the punches.

WizTheMc - Everything

Everything is the latest track from 22-year-old singer, rapper, and producer WizTheMc. The track is driven by an acoustic guitar but is layered with all kinds of sounds that really give the track its character.

Kwaku Asante - Feel Something

Kwaku Asante's new track 'Feel Something' combines the genres of R&B, Soul, and Funk to create Asante'sown individual sound. The song expresses an emotional vulnerability and authenticity which breaks down the concept of toxic masculinity. The song is incredibly addictive which means you'll have it on repeat from the second you finish the track.

Griff - One Night

BRITS rising star award winner Griff is back with new music with the stunning new track 'One Night'. The song takes Griff's classic low-key production and mesmerising vocals and creates something a little different compared to what we've seen from her before.

James Gillespie - Foolish Love

'Foolish Love' is James Gillespie's new heartbreaking track. His raspy and gritty vocals feature on top of a simple piano that builds throughout the song to create atmospheric choruses. The song is also produced by Eg White and Charlie Hugall who have both worked with some incredible artists.

Aleem - Bad Habits

Aleem's new track from Bad Habits is a catchy and infectious indie-pop rock. Aleem's vocals are silky smooth and sit perfectly on top of the welcoming. The song's lyrical content revolves around someone being a bad habit, which is something that a lot of listeners will relate to. The song is a bit of fun that's a great addition to any upbeat playlists.

The Velveteins - Cosmic Saturation

It wouldn't be an 'on repeat' without some classic British indie-rock and this week's example is The Velveteins 'Cosmic Saturation'. The track is an easy-to-listen Sunday afternoon type song that will have you tapping along to it in no time. The song combines both vintage and modern sounds to produce a song that feels completely timeless.

Cassie Marin - Busy Body

'Busy Body' by Cassie Marin is a brand new electro-infused track with a thumping beat that you need to hear. The vocals match perfectly with the synths that make up the majority of the song, and the lyrics to the song itself pick up the very modern problem of presence in the digital world.

Cassie says about the song, "Busy Body’ is about being a loner in a world where cliques never cease to exist"

CHVRCHES - California

'California' is the new track from Scottish trio CHVURCHES new album Screen Violence. We see a mix of synth and rock sounds coming together almost flawlessly to make a song that's simultaneously easy and interesting to listen to; especially with Lauren Mayberry's distinctive vocals.


You can find all of these songs, as well as all the songs I've been loving this month, on the 'on repeat - august 2021' playlist.


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