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The Weeknd - Take My Breath

The Weekend is back with a new era, and it's safe to say that this one will be as all over the radio as his previous eras. Abel has the ability to make songs that both his own fans and the general public will love, which is not an easy thing to do. The 80s influence continues with 'Take My Breath', arguably even more so than with other releases, and feel like yet another evolution that will be better than the next.

Kid Kapichi - American Scream

Heavy rockers from the south coast of England Kid Kapichi have released a deluxe version of their album, which features new songs including 'American Scream'. If there's one thing the band can do well, it's make a commentary about life as we know it right now, and that's exactly what 'American Scream' is. Angry without being overwhelming, and witty and a hell of a lot of fun, 'American Scream' well represents exactly what Kid Kapichi are all about.

Hannah Robinson - The Well

Inspired by the novel The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami, 'The Well' is an emotional rock track that instantly grips you when listening. With haunting and delicate vocals being found upon thumping drums and guitar by Scott McKeon who has worked with the likes of Sir Tom Jones and Lana Del Rey, its no surprise that 'The Well' is an incredibly impressive track.

On the song, Robinson said “I was curious to see if I could create a feeling and a narrative in this song using fewer words. I liked trying something more lyrically concise, I feel it made me especially selective with the words I chose.”

Victoria Monet - Coastin'

Queen of R&B and production Victoria Monet is back to her own music career with new song 'Coastin''. The track has a distinctive funk beat that makes it feel like a perfect song for those summer days. If you dive in to the lyrics then they might make you blush, but the cool nature of the instrumentals lessens the blow of the sexy lyrical content.

Natalie Claro - When Alcohol Tastes Like Juice

'When Alcohol Tastes Like Juice' is a brand new song from Natalie Claro which acts as a metaphor for coming of age. The new track is simultaneously vibrant and chilled out, and allows you to lose reality in the way that the lyrics themselves describe. The vocals really stand out, with their atmospheric harmonies, and they'll leave you wanting to listen again and again.

Charlotte Sands - All My Friends Are Falling In Love

'All My Friends Are Falling In Love' is the latest release from singer-songwriter Charlotte Sands. The track combines the sound sof pop and early 2000s pop-punk to create an incredibly moreish song that you'll just want on repeat while you dance around your kitchen. The song tells the struggles of being into someone but not being with them, whilst all your friends are, as suggests by the title, falling in love. The mix of the relatable lyrical content and the vibrant sound will no doubt lead the track to success.

Cat Burns - Into You

Cat Burns new track 'Into You' is the absolute definition of a song that you can play on repeat again and again. Burns' low vocals are smooth and sultry, and perfectly match the lowkey backing track the vocals sit on top of. The chorus is incredibly catchy and just adds to the simple yet addictiveness of the song.

Nas - Rare

'Rare' is one of the tracks from rap legend Nas's new album Kings Disease II. 'Rare' is yet another song on which Nas gives a masterclass on rapping, with the simplistic beat and fast-aced yet fully comprehnsable bars. We see the instrumentals adapt and change throughout the track, and include all sorts of experimental sounds which run in and out of the consistent thumping beat. The whole album is absolutely worth a listen if you enjoy this track.

Luke Hemmings - Place In Me

Luke Hemmings continues on his solo path with the new single 'Place In Me' which is set to be the last release ahead of his upcoming debut album. Once again, we're presented with an atmospheric and echoey insight into the singer-songwriter's emotions. This new track feels more gentle and peaceful than the previous two, but the lyrics are still as heartwrenching as we've come to expect from him.


You can find all these songs, as well as many others that have been on repeat in August, on the 'on repeat - august 2021' playlist.


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