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Ed Sheeran - Visiting Hours

Visiting Hours is the latest single from Ed Sheeran's upcoming album '=', and its good to see Sheeran returning back to his acoustic roots. The song is incredibly sad, but it does feel like Sheeran is referring back to his old style of music which many people will be greatly appreciative of after a lot of comments about how 'Bad Habits' didn't really sound like him. So, if you want a good cry, then this song will help wth just that.

Faux Pas - This Will Kill You

'This Will Kill You' is the new punk-infused release from English rock bad Faux Pas. Although the song is short, it packs a punch in its sub-three minute running time

The band describe the song as “a noisy flurry of guitars, [that] sets the scene for a thematic exploration into shared vulnerability as a tool against suicide” which shows that it's not only an addictive rock song but also has a great meaning to it as well.

Civic Green - A Million Little Pieces

Yorkshire's Civic Green's new release is the indie-rock track 'A Million Little Pieces'. The song features the classic guitar and drum sounds of British indie which build into something more atmospheric and anthemic. The song reflects feelings of yearning and confusion, which is what the band is all about. If indie rock is your thing, then these guys are definitely worth checking out.

Nathan Ball - Falling Short

Nathan Ball has just released his new album Under The Mackerel Sky and although pretty much any of the songs could have been chosen for this list, we've gone for 'Falling Short'. The song is heartbreaking and atmospheric, and takes his signature electronic sound to make a really great listening experience.

This all being said, you should check out the full album as its a brillaint new release from an up-and-coming artist!

LONA - Let's Just Chill

LONA's new alt-pop doesn't only have a bear that'll run through your veins, and vocals that you'll be seriously impressed with, but it also has a really strong message behind it.

On the track, LONA explains, “I wrote 'Let’s Just Chill' during a dark time where I found that I was being sucked into this void where I was being bombarded with highlights of how great everyone’s lives were online.'Let’s Just Chill' is a reminder that sometimes it’s best to just turn my phone off, turn the volume of the world down and just take a breather.”

Berna - Da Pattern

'Da Pattern' is the brand new track from Berna, which has a beat so addictive it'll be near impossible not to have it on repeat. The song has Berna's classic charisma and has a vibe that's perfect for warm summer days. This upbeat track feels incredibly fresh and fun, which is exactly the type of music we need right now.

Sarah Proctor - Tired

'Tired' is the new stripped back release from rising-star Sarah Proctor. The track talks about the concept of giving everything you can to a relationship and it still not being enough. This melancholy lyrical content is complimented well by the subtle piano and guitar chords that make up the main instrumentals of the song.

Hanne Mjøen - Emotional Fever

If catchy pop is what you're after this week, then look no further than 'Emotional Fever' from Hanne Mjøen. The song tells a tale of questioning whether a partner is right for you or not, on top of fun production and catchy hooks. It's a great and versatile song to get up and dance to or listen to if you're in the turmoils of a relationship.

Mae Krell - Rest Stop

'Rest Stop' is the brand new emotional raw single from New York-based singer Mae Krell. The song goes through the emotions of the loss of a friendship, which can often be the worst kind of heartbreak.

On the song, Mae says. “In writing ‘rest stop,’ I was learning that sometimes getting healthier and becoming more independent can end in a loss of a relationship. And, as this specific friendship ended, I started to realize that maybe it wasn't as good for me as I thought it was.”


You can find of all this week's songs, as well as others from August, on the on repeat playlist for this month.


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