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Olivia Rodrigo - good 4 u

It seems that Olivia Rodrigo is 3 for 3 on her recent single releases because good 4 u is arguably the best of her sensational stream of hit releases. good 4 u steers away from the Lorde and Taylor Swift-esque pop we've been previously introduced to, and into something that sounds more like 2000s pop-rock.

'good 4 u' is a damning song about an ex-partner being fine when you are absolutely not, and the video uses classic 2000s movie tropes to emphasise even further the era that Rodrigo is reflecting in the song.

Tommy Roland - Blondie

Blondie by Tommy Roland is a dreamy bedroom pop to add to your soundtrack for this summer. 'Blondie' tells the story of trying to develop a relationship with someone that you're interested in.

On the song, Roland said “I wanted to capture the feeling of Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles, while putting my own spin on it” and that energy certainly comes across.

Roland also stated that he's incredibly inspired by Raggae, and this influence comes through clearly particularly in the verses of 'Blondie'.

'Blondie' fits perfectly into the indie landscape right now, so make sure you don't miss out on a possible hit.

Peter Wise - Window Dressing

'Window Dressing' is the latest single from Peter Wise, and is an ode to staying true to who you are and not conforming to society's standards. This anti-pop song is full of attitude and the song feels like it builds and builds until it's very last moments which become the rawest and most simplistic part of 'Window Dressing' The bassline takes centre stage, with Wise's vocals perfectly pairing with it throughout the song.

Wise self-produced and mixed the song, which makes this new song all the more impressive.

BETHY - How Are You?

If sickly sweet vocals on top of smooth instrumental are the type of thing you like, then 'How Are You?' might be a song for you to add to your playlist.

The song has the relaxing energy of bedroom pop, but is combined with a borderline jazz style beat and instruments such as trumpets and saxophones, to make something just that little bit different.

A huge amount of potential is shown in BETHY's latest release, and she's definitely one you should keep an eye on.


BXB LOVE is back with her brand new song 'IGNORNACE SONG'. The chorus feels borderline athematic and it's the type of chorus you can imagine crowds singing (when we're allowed proper crowds obviously).

The song sits somewhere between alt-rock and pop, but its fluid genre means it doesn't really fit in either. It acts as something new and refreshing that you definitely won't have heard of before.

Regarding the song, LOVE said "It’s my anthem to a generation hat is rewriting what identity means and the ways in which we choose to express that."

Extras - Previous Scene

It's very rare on rubyonmusic that we have a 'on repeat' which doesn't feature an indie pop-rock song with a coming of age feel, and this week is no exception with Extras' latest release 'Previous Scene'. The moreish guitar riffs will have you addicted from first listen.

Commenting on the track, Extras’ lead singer Jake Scrimshaw, said: “The first couple of weeks of lockdown had truly kicked in and I was getting bored easily, so I looked in a random book on the shelf and found the phrase, “previous scene”. I immediately grabbed the guitar and sang what first came to mind, and it was the chorus that you can hear now. Many a Zoom call later between the band as a whole and all the layers joined together to create Previous Scene”.

Katy Perry - Electric

Katy Perry is back with her classic pop sound with her new track Electric, created for the 25 year anniversary of Pokemon.

In this song, we see Perry at her best in pure, upbeat, happy pop. The lyrical content is uplifting and makes a change from a lot of the lowkey and melancholy music we've had in the last year. With its synthy beat and catchy chorus, it's bound to be a favourite on the radio this summer.

Leon Bridges - Motorbike

Leon Bridge's shows off his classic silky smooth vocals with the brand new song 'Motorbike'. The track appears simplistically made at first listen, but as you press that repeat button, you begin to hear just how many layers of production and effort that's gone in to 'Motorbike', so with every listen you begin to have even more appreciation for the song flowing through your ears.

'Motorbike' is a calming pop song which would be perfect for those lazy and hazy Sunday mornings when you just want to settle into the music and just vibe.

Maybe - MARG

'Maybe' is the new melancholy piano ballad from LA-based singer-songwriter MARG. The song features an echoey version of MARG's vocals, which are clearly full of heartbreak. The track is simple yet effective, and works perfectly at pulling at your heartstrings as you feel 'Maybe' right in your soul.

With 'Think You Like It When I'm Gone' released shortly before Myabe, it seems like a full project or album may be on the way from MARG, and we, for one, cannot wait to see it.


You can listen to all these songs, plus plenty of others that we've had on repeat this month, on our 'on repeat - may 2021' playlist.


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