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Jorja Smith is finally back with new music project Be Right Back, and it showcases everything we love to see from Smith but with some added experimentation which leaves you intrigued as to what's to come with her official upcoming second album.

At 8 tracks long, Be Right Back may be a little disappointing in length for fans who have been waiting 3 years for another full album from Smith, but what the project lacks in length makes up for in sultry smooth vocals. We've known for a long time that Smith is an impressive vocalist, and throughout Be Right Back she shows these off, filled to the brim with soul.

Most of the songs consist of dainty instrumentals and solid beats to frame Smith's vocals, with 'Time' being a perfect example of this with its raw acoustic guitar instrumentals and raw recording which even features a conversation at the end of it to enhance this almost unfinished vibe.

One thing that Be Right Back does incredibly well is that it sounds completely timeless. It doesn't belong in a particular decade. It feels fresh whilst having the warmth of a more retro R&B vibe, which means it'll inevitably age well.

There's some minor experimentation from Smith, but only enough to tease a new era of her music without giving anything away. If the point of this release is to build up hype for an upcoming full album, then Jorja Smith has executed it perfectly.

We'll look forward to hearing what Smith has coming next.



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