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  • ruby crowhurst


Dodie's hotly-anticipated debut album is finally here, and it's everything that we've expected from the singer and more.

On Build a Problem we see Dodie's typical twee and subtle sound meet some harrowing and brutally honest lyrics to create a solid first release.

In some of the songs, like the introduction 'Air So Sweet', the instrumentals are so subtle that they almost feel acapella. However, the simplicity of these background sounds allows for the dainty vocal harmonies to really shine through and take the stage in a way they don't in more intense songs.

Most of the songs on the album are based on acoustics, which simultaneously, brings both peace and a sense of tension or dread depending on which song you're listening to. For example, with 'Before the Line' we see the tension build as the song becomes more intense and passionate as it goes on, complemented by the dark lyrics like "I greet the sun and ask, "Have I already died? If not, then why am I alone? And when can I come home?"

Throughout Build a Problem, Dodie focuses on all different parts of life from love, to politics, to vague but seemingly cutting commentary on her own mental health. There's very little that Dodie shies away from, which is almost ironic compared to the shy style of her instrumentals and vocals.

There are moments in the album where some of the lyricism can feel like it's going too far and gets a little confusing, but overall, the lyrical content is clever and meaningful.

Build a Problem is an incredibly impressive debut, and definitely shows that some Youtube creators, who actually care about the music they're making, can go on to have successful music careers. Hopefully, this is just the start for Dodie.

RATING: 7/10


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