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Just Until.... is the latest release from Cordae, a four-track EP that promises a full album coming soon. This is his first release since his Grammy-nominated debut Lost Boy, which received intense critical acclaim.

Assuming the purpose of this EP is to directly start creating buzz around his next album, then it definitely works. Lots of people are talking about it and, most importantly, lots of people are impressed by it. Cordae's work is consistently good and Just Until.... is no exception.

The EP is overall has a pretty positive energy to it, and discusses Cordae's feelings regarding his own success and the expectations of the future.

'More Life', the intro track, also features Q -Tip and is the first of two collaborations on the EP. Q-Tip's vocals in particular are incredibly impressive on this track, but overall the song works really well as a subtle opener. It's smooth and easy to listen to, so it really draws you into the EP as a whole.

Cordae takes to singing as well as rapping on the second track 'Dream in Color', which isn't something we've really seen from Cordae before but is absolutely something that we should hope to see more of. This song has a particularly positive message to it, about dreaming of being successful and the reality of that success.

The collaboration with Young Thug 'Wassup', is probably the weakest track on Just Until. It's by no means bad, but it's a little disjointed, and perhaps more could be expected from this pairing. It doesn't quite fit with the flow of the rest of the EP, but perhaps if it's going on the album too, it'll make more sense put in context.

The EP then closes out with 'Thorton Street', arguably the best song on the release. This song is again smooth and clean much like the rest of the tracks but is probably the best track on the EP lyrically, and it has a great sound.

There are definitely things that could be improved on Just Until...., but as a precursor to a bigger release, it does pretty well.

The thing about Cordae's music is that it's accessible to the fans of a lot of different genres, as, with the hype that Just Until... is creating, it looks like his upcoming album is going to be a resounding success.

RATING: 7.5 /10


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