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  • ruby crowhurst


RATING: 8/10

Laura Mvula's third album Pink Noise combines soulful vocals with synth-infused beats to create an album that feels classic and brand new all at once.

Pink Noise opens with the powerful 'Safe Passage'. The uplifting thumping beats feel reminiscent of 80s ballads from the likes of Genesis and TOTO, but with a far more modern feel to it. The same can be said for pretty much every other song on Pink Noise, and 'Safe Passage' introduces you to the sound well enough to leave you wanting more.

As great as both the lyrics and vocals are on Pink Noise, it's the production that really needs the recognition. The vocal layers, the non-overpowering synth, the dynamic rhythms and just generally the crystal clear concept of the album, really makes it the success it is.

Every song on the album flows seamlessly into the next, making it feel like a very consistent and cohesive piece of work - a well-put-together album in a world that seems to only care about smash hit singles and their chart performance. That's not to say there aren't some possible smash singles on this album though. 'Got Me' in particular feels like a song that could easily be started playing across bars in the blistering heat this summer.

The album also features 'What Matters', which includes a feature from one of the most distinct voices in British rock, Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro. It could have been expected that Neil would take over the song, but Mvula stands her ground so it acts as a well-balanced song that provides a different dimension to the album.

Pink Noise sparkles and shines, and adds a sense of lightness that the world sure as hell needs now. It's difficult to believe that not long ago Mvula was dropped from her previous label, as this album is a complete work of art that'll have listeners grooving to within minutes of listening. But, they do say the best revenge is a success, which Mvula no doubt has achieved with Pink Noise.


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