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February has been another good month for music, with some stellar singles and EPs coming through and being recommended to us. Here's a quick look at some of the tracks we've had on repeat this month.

Starletta - Crying in Miami

Love or hate TikTok, it's certainly a good way to find new independent artists. Starletta has been releasing music since last year, but it's a recent release 'Crying in Miami' that's been on repeat this month. 'Crying in Miami' is an 80s synth-style song telling the story of love on different sides of the United States. The tune has a catchy chorus and an intense guitar solo in the latter part of the song, so what's not to love?

It's the type of song you can imagine driving down a coastal road at sunset to, which is arguably the best kind of song. So, make sure to get adding this tune to your driving playlists.

For if you like: lovelytheband, The 1975, 80s pop.

Taylor Swift - Love Story (Taylor's Version)

Taylor Swift is finally starting to release her re-recordings, and she started with possibly her most well-known song of all time: 'Love Story'. Even if you're not a fan of Swift, you almost definitely know this song as her classic retelling of Romeo and Juliet which she supposedly wrote in 20 minutes.

The song keeps its magic with a few minor changes and Swift's more mature vocals. However, the point of the re-recordings is to basically have the same song just owned by her, so for that reason alone, we've had it on repeat.

It's a long wait until April 9th, but it'll be exciting to finally listen to Fearless guilt-free and blast it while walking, working, wallowing in self-pity - so basically anything.

For if you like: Well, Taylor Swift.

Free Falling - Otysee

Here we are, pretty unexpectedly, with an instrumental song. In a month when work has been busy, it makes sense to pick a song that is very easy to work to. Otysee sent their music and immediately after checking it out the repeated listening started. Instrumentals don't get the love they deserve, so here we are giving 'Free Falling' a shout-out for being calming yet addictive.

Otysee's entire discography is great if you want to take a step back and relax without focusing on any confusing lyrics or temptation to get distracted and sing along.

For if you like: Calming instrumentals, that one specific 'lofi hip-hop beats to study to' Youtube video/playlist (if you know, you know).

Joely - Eggshells

'Eggshells' is the opening track of Joely's most recent EP release 'Belonging'. It tells the story of a toxic relationship in its brutal honesty on top of chilled and almost upbeat acoustic instrumentals. The ending with its repeated 'i'm never going back' makes the song end hopefully, and shows how impressive of a storyteller Joely is. The compelling vocals and great lyricism are incredibly impressive and show that Joely is definitely one you need to watch.

Any song from this EP could have been picked for a release we've had on repeat, so make sure to check out the whole Belonging EP if you can.

For if you like: Arlo Parks, early Ed Sheeran, beabadoobee

Tyler Jarvis - Circles

'Circles' is singer-songwriter Tyler Jarvis's most recent release. A theme that seems to be going on this month in our choices is an 80s vibe, which this song is definitely included in. The vocals are strong and clean and the lyrics go deeper than you may think on the first listen. With some unexpected but greatly welcomed strong guitar sounds coming in throughout the feature, you'll find yourself finding it difficult not to just give this track one more listen.

'Circles' is an all-around great song and I look forward to seeing what Tyler Jarvis does in the future because 'Circles' sets the bar very high.

For if you like: Tame Impala, Neon Trees

Conan Gray - Overdrive

The 'Heather' singer-songwriter is back with a new release and this is just as addictive as his most recent. Overdrive is the definition of a great generic pop song and who doesn't love a bit of generic pop every now again?

'Overdrive' is joyful and fun, which is just what we need in a dreary month at the beginning of, so far, a pretty dreary year. Gray said he wrote 'Overdrive' to 'escape reality' and he certainly does a good job of achieving this.

For if you like: Troye Sivan, Dayglow, drivers license by Olivia Rodrigo


You can find all of these songs, as well as a few others we've been loving throughout February, on the 'on repeat - february 2021' playlist on Spotify.


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