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January 2021 has produced some good full-length LPs, but it seems that singles are taking the stage in early 2021. There have been some excellent tracks released this month, and we wanted to talk through some that we've had on repeat

Olivia Rodrigo - drivers license

If you haven't heard Olivia Rodrigo's drivers license then where the hell have you been the past few weeks? Rodrigo's debut single been breaking records left right and centre, and it shot straight to number one both in the UK and the US. You can tell 17-year-old Rodrigo has taken inspiration from many other artists growing up, such as Taylor Swift and Lorde, as the song tells the story of a first heartbreak in a way that transports you to the same period of your own life and makes you want to scream the lyrics as you're 'driving through the suburbs'.

drivers license is addictive, pop perfection that easily could be straight off of Jack Antonoff's production discography - what more could you ask for?

Hannah Mac - This Can't Be

Hannah Mac's debut single This Can't Be is a subtle acoustic ballad filled with heartbreak. The vocals are smooth and impressive, and you can tell Mac has a lot of experience with singing even if this is her debut release. The harmonies add to the delicateness of the track. This Can't Be is a song you can really relax to,and you feel a sense of familiarity when listening.

It'll be exciting to see more of what Hannah Mac can do in future releases as her talent is clearly proven in This Can't Be.

Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over the Country Club

Lana Del Rey's most recent release, Chemtrails Over the Country Club is quintessential Lana - and a delicate and dreamy love song, sung to a melancholy sound. She's been through a few controversies recently, which won't be gone into but you can easily look up, but as usual, the minute Del Rey releases a song she once again has everyone hooked on what she's doing next. Norman F**** Rockwell was a great album, and Chemtrails Over The Country Club is a strong lead single for her next project of the same name, so let's hope the album that follows is just as good, if not better, otherwise Del Rey might really start to lose her dedicated audience.

Jae Stephens ft THEY. - What You Need

Jae Stephens' latest release What You Need featuring They is a subtle R&B style track that has almost a H.E.R sound to it. The track highlights Stephens' sultry smooth vocals, which are perfectly combined with THEY's own pristine vocals. The song is slightly different from Stephens' previous releases but still sits nicely in her catalogue. If you're looking for new additions to your chilled out playlists then What You Need would be a great track for you to check out.

Royal Blood - Typhoons

The Brighton rock duo is well and truly back. Typhoons is the latest single from their new album of the same name due to be released in April 2021. Typhoons takes Royal's Blood's classic heavy rock sound but takes it to a new level. The gritty guitar and thumping drums are met with a bordering electronic disco sound which merges seamlessly underneath Kerr's vocals. 2021 is set to be a big year for Royal Blood, and if Typhoons is anything to go by, then the upcoming album will be a force to be reckoned with.

Nate Adamson - Grace

Grace is the debut single from Nate Adamson. The song is an epic 5:32 long, but the subtle acoustic instrumentals and Adamnson's enticing vocals will keep you hooked. Or, if that doesn't intrigue you enough, there's also a very impressive guitar solo towards the end of the song. The lyrics portray a sense of being lost and found at the same time and generally gives the song a very honest energy. Grace is a very strong debut, and it's worth keeping Nate Adamson on you're radar because it'll be interesting what his future releases hold.


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