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RATING: 7.5/10

You Signed Up For This (YSUFT) is the pure pop album that we needed this year; full of sad but upbeat tracks and anthems for those feeling lost in their lives.

With stars like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift being fans of Maisie Peters, it’s no wonder that she had a significant following waited with bated breath for her debut album and although it's not the perfect album, it certainly won't disappoint.

Maisie Peters's unique voice and wholehearted pop sound allow her to stand out from other budding pop stars right now. Many are trying to do pop (but make it rocky) or pop (but make it edgy) but Peters has stood aside from that and said no to and is appreciating the range of straight-up pop.

The first single released from this album acts as one of the stand-outs of the entire project. 'John Hughes Movie' is a wonderful track that portrays the essence of YSUFT: love isn’t as romantic as you imagine it to be when you’re a lot younger, the expectations you get from movies like the ones created by John Hughes. The beat thumps through the song along with timeless lyrical content and guitar riffs, and just generally creates an incredibly catchy song that will scratch an itch in your brain.

However, not all the songs are as whimsical about love and heartbreak as this. Songs like 'Psycho' and 'Boy' are a far more tongue-in-cheek commentary about the way her exes have treated her, that could definitely apply to a lot of men and the way they treat their ex-girlfriends. 'Psycho' talks about how a lot of boys and men have the tendency to name their exes as a psycho when they're closer to being crazy than they are. Then 'Boy' goes on to essentially say how she deserves better than the immature and uncommitted way she's being treated. With these messages complemented by addictive beats, they'll undoubtedly become some favourites for the girls singing in the mirror getting ready to go out for the night.

This kind of mix between hopeful and cynical towards love feels reminiscent of the album Taylor Swift was released at around the same age as Maisie, so if you're a Fearless or Speak Now stan, you'll likely really enjoy this album. It's clear that much like Swift, Peters is wise beyond her years in terms of her own self-awareness.

Opening track 'You Signed Up For This' is a perfect example of this self-awareness coming into play to create one of the most relatable songs for late teens/20 somethings you'll have heard this year. This synth-ridden and softly building ode to figuring life out and knowing your flaws is a brilliant way to open a debut album, especially in a year where a lot of people have been doing more self-reflection than usual.

The album is overall a fun look at heartbreak and the concept of the fact that you know because you’re young none of it really matters, but it doesn’t stop it from hurting at that moment; the feelings are valid but not forever.

You Signed Up For This can feel a little lost in parts, and overall it’s a very safe album that doesn’t venture anywhere too deep artistically. In the world of Billie Eilishes and Olivia Rodrigos who have smash hit albums straight out of the gate, it's difficult to remember that a lot of artists take some time to develop and build, which is exactly what Peters will do.

This first full LP works as a great introduction to Maisie Peters as an artist and shows why she has to offer without showing everything she has in her capabilities, which means there’s, even more, to be excited about her future music releases.


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