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  • ruby crowhurst


Boys World's new EP While you Were Out is sure to solidify the band in the pop world, and quite frankly, they're exactly what pop needs right now.

While You Were Out mixes classic pop sounds with R&B tones to create the perfect y2k reminiscent sound.

The EP launches full force with 'Girlfriends', a track that perfectly showcases just what Boys World are all about.

The silky smooth harmonies are positioned on top of a thumping R&B style beat. The track is comparable to recent releases from Ariana Grande or Normani, but is well enhanced with Boys Worlds' own sound by the different levels of vocals that are the clear star of the show.

The most important part of While You Were Out is that it genuinely feels like the band has had fun when creating every single one of these songs. With a lot of releases over the last year been low-tempo and thoughtful because of the nature of well, the world. However, this EP is pure positive energy and beats you can dance to, even if it's just in your kitchen until the bars open.

'Relapse' is the only song that takes a more low-key approach, but even then there's still a thumping bassline and with the harmonies that have become a signature for the group, it's by no means subtle. In the chorus, we also find some low electro instrumentals which add another layer. there's something to be said for the fact the band could easily have a successful track with just a piano behind them because of their incredibly impressive vocals, but they still go out of their way to add interesting production. They don't make things easy for themselves, yet make every song look effortless.

For the close of the EP we head back into the high-tempo fun that Boys World well represents with 'Touched By An Angel', an unconventional ode to self-worth.

Overall, While You Were Out is an incredibly impressive debut EP. They're a band that pop music fans should absolutely be excited about, as they're a breath of fresh air in a pop world that's slightly begun to plateau over the last year.


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