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Riley Hirshey - One More Night

Missouri-based singer-sonwriter Riley Hirshey's latest track 'One More Night' is a dedication to unforgettable nights. With its combination of synths and a catchy as hell chorus, 'One More Night' makes for a fun song which is incredibly easy to listen to.

The carefree energy of the song is infectious, and it'll be one to add to those top-down summer driving playlists.

More in Luv - Like You

More in Luv are back with their latest release 'Like You', a joyful indie pop banger. The echo-y indie pop sound feels like early The 1975, but with its own individual twist on it to make it More in Luv's own.

The vocals match well with the energy of the song, and the beat will have you nodding your head along in no time.

Rikki Valentina - Daddy's Girl

Rikki Valentina has released a new EP, Daddy's Girl, of which the title track is featured on this week's 'on repeat'.'Daddy’s Girl' reflects on being the oldest child in her family, and feeling the need to take on the certain responsibilities her father had. The song emulates a music box in its sound, and Valentina's silky vocals are the definite stand out with impressive harmonies and voice control.

Valentina says about the song "Amidst writing this song, it made me realize that even though I am losing the title of being my 'daddy’s little girl,' I want to emulate my father’s talented and hard working self."


Zanillya - Alive

'Alive' is the lead single from Zanillya's new EP Choose Life. ‘Alive’ is a sleek, meditative study of the search for a love of life, even amidst its darkest moments.

The song is full of layers of production and distorted vocals and harmonies that allow the atmosphere to build beautifully over the just over 4 minutes the track runs for.

The track’s video was filmed on the island of Aruba, her father’s birthplace, about which Zanillya said “The video is my love letter to Aruba, the place where I feel most Alive.”

BUSHROD - Pizza Date

'Pizza Date' is the most recent release from rapper-singer BUSHROD, from his upcoming mixtape 'TV Dinner'. Despite its seemingly comical name, 'Pizza Date' actually discusses romance, dating, infidelity and everything in between - but you can still find humour within the lyrics which is what helps make BUSHROD stand out from the crowd.

In his own words, “I wanted to make the record quite fun and humorous, whilst including elements of my own personal experiences throughout. Think butterflies in the stomach, awkward hugs and long walks to nowhere”.

Bastille - Distorted Light Beam

Indie pop-rock sensations Bastille are back with a brand new single 'Distorted Light Beam'. Dan Smith's recognisable vocals are found front and centre once again, but the band have gone in a more futuristic synthy direction for their newest hit. With the aesthetics of the single cover and music video also matching up with this new futuristic feel, its clear Bastille are defining this new era of music with a new aesthetic to match.

Samuel Jack - Feels Like Summer

Although Samuel Jack's 'Feels Like Summer' was released a long while ago, its recently started picking up interest, being the most used song on Instagram reels in the US. Its easy to see why, with its lyrical content focusing on summer and having a good time, which is exactly what we need coming out of the year and a half we've just had.

Eli Gosling - Alien

Eli Gosling's new release 'Alien' mixes the genres of R&B, electro and pop to create something new to the ear.

About the track Gosling says said about the track "Sometimes, in this big bad crazy world, it feels like there are infinite amounts of people all around you, which can make you feel like a complete outcast... I wrote this for the people who recognise these feelings, to let them know that there is so much more out there in life."

Natalie Shay - Medicine Boy

Another summer bop added to the list this week, in the shape of 'Medicine Boy' by Natalie Shay. The single has a catchy hook, vibrant synths and fresh funky guitar riffs, all of which come together to make a song you'll have to play again and again. Shay takes the difficult subject of a partner having a drug addiction and makes it a catchu pop track, which isn't an easy thing to do, but Shay does it with ease.


You can find all these songs, as well as many others we've had on repeat over June, on our 'on repeat - june 2021' playlist.


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