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Billie Eilish - Your Power

'Your Power' is the brand new single from Billie Eilish's upcoming sophomore album 'Happier than Ever'. 'Your Power' discusses the idea of a man being toxic and overpowering to a younger girl in a relationship, which could easily be autobiographical on Eilish's part.

The song is simple in composition with its heartbreaking lyrics and Eilish's signature whispery vocals, 'Your Power' definitely sticks with you.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Acoustic, Girl In Red, Clairo

WELLER - Cleaning This Whole Town

Cleaning this Whole Town is the latest release from Weller. it's the type of song that'll feel reminiscent of the pop-punk icons you used to listen to in your teens.

With a bassline filled with funk and an addictive guitar, underlaying whole-hearted vocals, it would be difficult not to find yourself listening to this track again and again. At 2:49, it's not the longest of songs, but it certainly packs a punch in such a short timescale.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: All Time Low, Waterparks

Ike Rhein - Not For Me

'Not For Me' is the newest release from 19-year-old singer-songwriter Ike Rhein. The song blends a couple of genres by taking melancholy acoustic sound and mixing it with a solid bass.

Rhein describes this song as "about the realization that sometimes someone who you believed was the one turns out not to be. One day they love you, the next they're gone."

'Not For Me' is an easy listen, that you'll want to add to your lowkey playlists.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Lauv, Tate McRae

Climbing Trees - Troubling Times

Climbing Trees are back with a brand new song 'Troubling Time' filled with intense rock influences and unique vocals.

Climbing Trees frontman says 'We didn’t want to come back until we had something to say, and, more importantly, a good song to say it with, and Troubling Times certainly feels timely in that sense.

The song builds tension very well throughout and it feels very reminiscent of classic rock but very firmly rooted in 2021.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Classic rock

Lu Wright ft Civil - Lovely

Lovely is the new jazz-influenced hit from Lu Wright featuring Civil. The harmonies throughout the track are full of soul and the vocals consistently impress throughout. The bassline will thump through you and soon have you tapping your toe or nodding your head along.

The song has a retro-energy combined with modern production that allows it to feel completely timeless.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Arlo Parks, Jessie Ware

Olivia White - Buried in the Sound

'Buried in the Sound' is the latest release from up-and-comer Olivia White. White's dainty yet haunting vocals are well paired with the bass-filled production. The song tells a story of a difficult to process heartbreak in which the narrator loses themself, and the hurt is well conveyed through both the vocals and the way the song builds. 'Buried in the Sound' latches itself in your brain to the point where you won't be able to not give it another listen after it's finished.

FOR IF YOU LIKE; Maisie Peters, Lorde, Nina Nesbitt

RAMES - Eleanor Street

With the world looking up a little bit recently, Eleanor Street is the perfect soundtrack to hanging with your friends and having a drink. If 80s-infused indie is your thing, then the earmworm-ish instrumentals of Eleanor Street will sit well with you. The husky vocals add a different, and unexpected, layer to the song that differs it from a lot of the indie music out there right now.


Nuela Charles - Blissful Madness

Although the song featured below is 'Space', the real on repeat for this week is Nuela Charles entire 'Blissful Madness' EP. The EP is groovy and soul of genuine soul, expressed by Charles's silky smooth vocals.

Charles explains that the EP was written to tell the story of all of the emotions one can feel in 24 hours - from sassy and strong, to loving and endearing, it's all the feels wrapped up in three songs.

FOR IF YOU LIKE: Elle King, Solange, Adele

The Aces - don't freak

In 'Don't Freak', the latest release from the all-girl group The Aces. The song embraces The Aces classic funky sound and ear-pleasing indie guitar sounds. Although the nature of the song is upbeat, the distinctive vocals tell the story of feeling overwhelmed and constantly overthinking.

'Don't Freak' sets a good premise for whatever music The Aces have coming up next.

IF YOU LIKE: The 1975, MUNA, Pale Waves


You can find all these songs, plus more great releases discovered this week, on the 'on repeat - 2021' playlist.


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