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  • ruby crowhurst


Ariana Grande's 2020 release positions wasn't her best album. There were some hit tracks, and it was consistently good but it didn't hit that level of exceptional that we know Grande is capable of achieving from her release history.

So, does the deluxe version offer something to give a boost and really show what we all know Ariana Grande can do?

'someone like u - interlude' takes us between the end of the original album 'pov' (which was arguably the best track on the original album) and into the new deluxe tracks and shows Ariana Grande at her best. Angelic vocals harmonizing with each other on top of a simple base track. At only 1 minute 16 seconds long 'someone like u - interlude' is simple but effective and gets you excited for the new tracks Grande has to offer.

'test drive' offers the sound of an iconic 90s ballad but then swiftly transitions into an unexpected upbeat song. It takes Grande's classic R&B vibe, and pairs it with a catchy repetitive chorus saying she doesn't 'need to test drive nothin'.

It's a pattern throughout the new tracks that they seem to have a short running time, but Grande fits a lot into these short songs so the length never really becomes an issue.

Then comes the iconic '34+35' remix that every Grande fan was excited for - with Meghan thee Stallion and Doja Cat. This remix should be everything that current pop culture is asking for and certainly delivers. 34+35 remains great and the collaborations definitely add a new interesting twist to the song. Doja Cat's verse is very classic Doja. Both Megan Thee Stallion brings her usual energy and mannerisms which seems to lift every song she's put on, and Doja brings her usual quirky self with plenty of tongue-in-cheek wordplay which fits in with the vibe of the song.

If you want a hit in 2021, you invite Doja or Megan, and with both featuring on the track, it was no surprise it quickly became a fan favourite.

'worst behaviour' slides into the deluxe tracks inconspicuously with its 90s-esque instrumentals and vocals.

'main thing' is probably the best of the tracks as it stands out as something different from the other new solo songs. It's chilled out and melodic and emphasises the love that Grande feels in her current relationship. The harmonising on 'you' really showcases not only Grande's own vocals but the level of production it takes to make those harmonies work as well as they do. The end of 'main thing' merges so unbelievably well with opening track 'shut up' it would be difficult to believe it wasn't purposely designed to do so.

Every single song on the deluxe version of positions is inherently Ariana Grande. The new deluxe tracks fit into the essence of positions perfectly. It's become very clear that Ariana Grande has truly found her sound. Although positions isn't the best of Grande's albums, she's found the sound that she wants to make and it'll be exciting to see what she does next having discovered this and whether she can really push those boundaries.


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