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  • ruby crowhurst


Easy Life's debut release seems to have brought the sunshine with it in the UK, which is pretty fitting as 'Life's A Beach' is clearly vying for soundtrack of the summer.

Life's a Beach has been hotly anticipated by fans and critics alike, and it seems Easy Life's debut album has not disappointed. Its subtle production and mellow beats mean Life's A Beach is, ironically, an incredibly easy album to listen to. This being said, as relaxing as the songs may sound, there are still difficult topics discussed within the lyrics of some of these songs. From 'Living Strange' which directly references suicidal ideations, to the depiction of anxiety in 'Nightmares'. The band doesn't shy away from discussions of mental health, but for every song about the struggles of living with these heavy issues, there are many others about lighthearted topics that give the album some balance.

Because of the similar production across the songs, it doesn't feel like whiplash when going between topics. Consistency is key, which is well shown on Life's a Beach.

Throughout the album, there's a huge amount of references to contemporary life in Britain which makes the album feel very down to earth and relatable to those who live a very similar life. In 'Have a Great Day' we find lyrics like "Life's too short to give a shit / So don't let the seagulls steal your chips / 'Cause it goes by, goes by fast / Like a car on the M1 track". It's very rare we see British artists really push the mundaneness of living in the UK, but Easy Life have somehow managed to do so whilst keeping an upbeat nature to the album, which coming from someone living in England currently, is definitely not an easy task.

Overall, Life's A Beach is simultaneously a great listen for if you're on the beach, relaxing with friends and having a beer or two, and if you're at home alone and in your feelings. Every song feels genuine as if the mind behind the songs is off daydreaming somewhere else, which many of us were when we were shut in lockdown over the last year. The album is hazy yet full of clarity, heartbreaking yet hopeful, and experimental yet self-assured. as far as debuts go, Easy Life have got it pretty much spot on, and with a perfect pre-summer release timing, Life's A Beach sure to be a success.

RATING: 8/10


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