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  • ruby crowhurst


RATING: 8/10

WILLOW has firmly rooted herself in the world of rock with her brand new album release lately I feel EVERYTHING. With its angst and brutal nature, lately I feel EVERYTHING takes inspiration from many eras of rock music, but you can tell it's most heavily influenced by the 2000s pop-punk that WILLOW's generation grew up listening to.

The project opens up with 't r a n s p a r e n c y' which features drums from Travis Barker of Blink 182, which emphasises the 2000s pop-punk influence. On transparency, as well as through the album as a whole, WILLOW really shows how she can push her vocals. The vocals are gritty yet feel controlled and mean the songs don't feel too harsh on the ears, which a lot of music in this genre can.

Travis Barker is not the only pop-punk icon to feature on the album with 'G R O W' featuring the Canadian pop-rock icon herself Avril Lavigne. Lavigne joins WILLOW on the song, with encouraging lyrics. 'G R O W' is probably the song that most well represents the general themes of the album which is all about going through something and growing afterward, going through the stages of self-acceptance and discovery. This is shown in the chorus "I've been putting work in, healing myself

Still got room to grow"

Although WILLOW has explored many genres throughout her short career, it's this edgy punk-infused sound that feels her most natural. Although the album is short it certainly packs a punch during its limited running time and leaves the listener practically begging for more by the time the project closes.

It seems there's no genre that WILLOW can't conquer, and the unknowing of what will be coming next is what makes her so intriguing as an artist. Sure, it would be great if she stuck with rock as she suits it so well, and to have a young black woman at the forefront of modern pop-punk would be awesome, but it's likely it'll be something completely different coming, which is arguably even more exciting.


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