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  • ruby crowhurst


RATING 8.5/10

FKA Twigs' new mixtape Caprisongs is a fun hyper pop addition to her already impressive discography, and it shows the artist creating easy-to-listen songs full of quirks and exciting collaborations.

Although Caprisongs run-time is short for a 17-song-long project, it still manages to fill every minute with something interesting and therefore keeps you hooked for the full 48 minutes.

The project is hyperpop at its heart, but it mixes interludes and thumping beats which may find themselves more comfortable slipping into the territory of hip hop and R&B.

All of the different voices featured on the album, from huge stars like The Weeknd to up-and-comers which may only be familiar with specific British audiences like disturbia, add something special to the mixtape. Somehow Twigs manages to get every single one of her collaborators on her wavelength whilst also allowing them to do their thing, which adds texture to the album without slipping you out of the dream-like state Caprisongs creates. The talking audio added on to tracks like oh my love and which way featuring disturbia really add personality to the mixtape and somehow shapes it into a 3D listening experience rather than it falling flat.

Caprisongs is clearly an exploration of self (as shown by the title being named after her own star sign)and many of the songs show the singer-songwriter reclaiming her body and movement. This meaning has much more emphasis when put in the context of FKA Twigs recent lawsuit against an abusive partner in 2019, and although this album is still exceptional without that context, it makes the uplifting sense of this album far more poignant if you think about the history it comes from.

Caprisongs is not perfect though, sometimes the tracks sway far too far into hyperpop to the point of being a little jarring to listen to, with the production being just that little too intense.

However, it's good to see FKA Twigs back to making music after having doubts previously, and it's safe to say that she's back with something both fans and those just delving into her discography can embrace equally.


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